How to register

If you believe that you have completed the requirements for your degree and have received a graduation application email, you should register to graduate during the next application round. If you attempt to register outside a round, you will receive an error message.

  1. Register via StudentConnect. Use the 'Apply to graduate'  link on the side menu and follow the prompts.
  2. Check that your postal address, telephone number/s and email address is current.
  3. Use the 'View your application status' link on the StudentConnect side menu to check your application was successful.

What happens next?

Your Faculty must confirm your eligibility for your award. You can check your eligibility status using the 'View your application status' link on the StudentConnect side menu.

You will be sent an academic transcript. Please check this transcript and if you believe that it is not correct please contact Deakin Central immediately as this may affect the information on your testamur (graduation certificate). Pay particular attention to any majors or specialisations.

If you don't register to graduate

If you don't register, you will automatically be graduated in absentia and your testamur will be posted to your nominated postal address via registered mail.  Therefore, please ensure that your postal address is correct in Student Connect.

You will also receive an academic transcript, provided your Faculty has deemed you eligible to graduate. Please check the details on the transcript are accurate, including any majors or specialisations.

Deferring or cancelling your Graduation

Deferring your graduation means that you wish to postpone your ceremony attendance to a later round of ceremonies.  You will not graduate or receive your testamur until you graduate at a future ceremony. 

To defer your graduation, simply select the 'defer' option under the 'Apply to Graduate' link in StudentConnect. You will then be sent a new invitation at the appropriate time for the next round of ceremonies.

You can choose to defer your graduation for a maximum of 12 months after your course completion date. 

Four weeks notice from the date of the ceremony must be given to either cancel or defer your ceremony. If less than four weeks notice is given, your award will be conferred at your allocated ceremony and your testamur will be sent to your registered postal address following the ceremonies. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.

Graduating 'in absentia'

Graduating 'in absentia' means graduating without attending the graduation ceremony. Your qualification is officially conferred by the University Chancellery in your absence and goes on public record. Your testamur is sent to you after the graduation.

Graduation 'in absentia' costs nothing.

To graduate 'in absentia' simply select the 'in absentia' option under the 'Apply to Graduate' link in StudentConnect. As your testamur will be sent to you, it is very important that your address and phone details are up to date in StudentConnect.

NOTE: The International Graduation ceremonies held in December are only for students wanting to attend their graduation ceremony. Eligible International students are not able to graduate 'in absentia' at the December ceremonies. 

Changing your name for graduation

If you need to change your name before graduation, you should send a certified copy of your name change documentation, Student Number and date of birth to the Graduations Office to the address below.  This only applies to your name as it will appear on your testamur and in the graduation program. To change your name as it appears on your academic transcript and AHEGS statement, you must complete an Enrolment Variation form.

Graduations Office
Deakin University
Locked Bag 20000

Special requirements

Graduands and/or guests who are permanently or temporarily disabled or require special assistance should contact Deakin Central prior to the ceremony in order that appropriate arrangements may be made.

Purchase your own regalia

Academic regalia is available to purchase for those who may require regalia for employment purposes, or simply to own in recognition of your achievements. As we have regalia made specially to your order, it is advisable to allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. If you purchase your own Deakin regalia (or part thereof) relevant to the award from which you are graduating your graduation fee will be reduced. For more information, please contact the Graduations Office.

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