Disability Action Plan

A disability action plan is a strategy for implementing and monitoring inclusive policies and practices for the benefit of people with disability. It is designed to alter any policies and practices that might result in discrimination against people with disability or their carers.

Deakin developed its first disability action plan in 2000. To monitor Deakin's progress in complying with the Disability Discrimination Act and to meet the University's commitment to being an inclusive organisation, the need for a comprehensive review of policies and practices in relation to people with disability was recognised.

A Disability Action Plan Working Group was established in 2010 comprising representatives from across the University and a project team from Equity and Diversity. After an extensive review and consultation process with students and staff, a draft disability action plan was developed and discussed with the Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee, the Vice-Chancellor and each member of the Executive. Their valuable feedback contributed to the final Deakin University Disability Action Plan 2012–2015 (PDF, 100.8KB) .

The Disability Action Plan is structured around three overarching aims, which are modelled on the framework of the University's Widening Participation Plan:

  • Aspiration - People with disability (students, staff and community members) want to engage with Deakin University and know they will be included and supported.
  • Access and experience - People with disability are included and supported, and can engage on equal terms during their experience at Deakin University.
  • Achievement - People with disability can realise their full potential in their study, employment or other engagement with Deakin University.

Goals and strategies are included under each of these aims, with Executive responsibility and timelines included for each strategy. 

Key strategic initiatives of the Disability Action Plan

  • The development of a University-wide mental health strategy under the leadership of Equity and Diversity
  • A coordinated approach to improving the accessibility of the online learning and digital environments
  • An audit to comprehensively review and improve the accessibility of the University's existing built environment.

Download the Disability Action Plan here (PDF, 100.8KB)

The plan includes sections on:

  • definitions
  • legal framework
  • implementation
  • feedback and complaints.
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