Report a concern

See something. Say something. Do something!

Who to contact

During business hours

Safer Community
9244 3734 Safer Community

Immediate response or after hours

Deakin Security (On campus)
1800 062 579 or extension 222

Emergency services (Off campus)

Additional external services

Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team


Victoria Police

Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA)

FAQs about reporting concerns

I am concerned about a staff member, where do I report these concerns?

Safer Community provides advice and support to students and staff who feel threatened, fearful or are concerned about a student's behaviour (for imminent risk contact security). If the concern is related to a staff members behaviour please report these concerns to Deakin Human Resources

What happens after I contact Safer Community?

It depends on the situation. Depending on the situation, Safer Community may contact the individual that you have concern for. Collateral information will be gathered throughout the process to assist in the assessment. Safer Community will review the behaviours of concern, formulate an action plan and assist the individual, as needed. Some cases require no additional action and others may need additional follow up and referral to services.

How do I know that Safer Community is addressing the situation?

If you provide your contact information, someone will contact you to let you know that Safer Community has received your concern and that we are reviewing it. If Safer Community is in need of additional information from you, having your contact information is helpful to ask any additional follow up questions.

Will I receive an update?

If you share your contact information, Safer Community may contact you to request additional information or clarification. Due to confidentiality limitations, specific case information would not be able to be shared. After sharing your concern, if you have continued worry about the situation or notice no change or escalating behaviour, please contact the Safer Community Coordinator at 9244 3734 or

What if I am wrong about someone?

Safer Community reviews all concerns that are shared. If your concerns turn out to be nothing, then nothing will happen to that individual and nothing will happen to you. If you maliciously create a false report, you may be subject to University policies.

Can I make an anonymous report?

You could, however, we would not be able to follow up with you if you do not provide your contact information. You may be able to assist Safer Community if any additional information or clarification is needed from your report. If you file an anonymous report and the information is incomplete it may lead to the individual not receiving the services or help that is needed.

What if something is occurring off campus that I am concerned about?

If it is behaviour that may affect the Deakin community, please share your concerns with University Security and Safer Community.

What do I do if I have an intervention order against someone regarding an off campus incident or they are not affiliated with the university?

Make sure that you provide a copy of the order to University security. They may talk to you in more detail to understand the circumstances, ensure that you have a safety plan in place, and share with you resources. This information would then be shared with Safer Community who may provide additional follow up with you.

If someone, who has been reported to Safer Community leaves the area, or is no longer a student do you continue to monitor him/her?

If the situation warrants the need to continue to review the case after the individual leaves the area or is no longer a student, the University may continue to monitor. It is important to note that just because someone is no longer a member of the community does not mean that there is a lesser chance for concern.

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