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About our service

What is problem behaviour?

  • Any behaviour which makes you feel threatened or unsafe
  • Behaviour which causes you concern about a person harming themselves or someone else
  • Behaviour which offends you
  • Or perhaps something which just doesn’t feel quite right

Why and when to report problem behaviour

All members of the Deakin community are encouraged to report problem behaviours, even if they seem minor. Even if no further action is needed, observing or monitoring behaviour can help us to:

  • Identify and recognise triggers for problem behaviour
  • Understand any patterns of behaviour, or repeated instances
  • Identify any escalations in behaviour
  • Monitor changes in a person’s well-being and ability to cope
  • Track effectiveness of any interventions which may have been implemented
  • Identify appropriate referrals which need to be made

Contacting us about your concerns provides us with the opportunity to address problem behaviour at its earliest point. Even if you’re unsure, or think 'Maybe I’m overreacting. It’s not such a big deal', it’s worth giving us a call. We’ll listen and provide advice.

What assistance can Safer Community provide

Depending on the case, Safer Community can provide:

  • internal/external referrals to appropriate services
  • mental health and forensic risk assessments
  • feedback
  • consultation
  • case management plans
  • recommendations for misconduct sanctions
  • coordinate multidisciplinary involvement to support student and staff safety
  • staff training in mental health first aid and strategies in dealing with problem behaviours.
  • Safer Community emphasises a restorative, voluntary and non-punitive approach where possible.
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