Paying your course fees

Here you'll find all you need to know about how to understand, generate your invoice and make payments.

How to generate your invoice

After logging in to StudentConnect, go to the 'Generate your invoice' link under the 'Fees and Payments' heading on the sidebar menu.

  • A PDF version of the invoice can also be viewed and printed if required. This can be done by clicking on the 'Print Friendly Version' button located at the bottom of your invoice.
  • Deakin does not provide paper invoices. It is your responsibility to ensure your financial obligations to the University are met by the relevant due dates.
  • You should always generate an invoice for each study period to check the accuracy of your enrolment and the amount to be paid/deferred.

Understanding your invoice

Always carefully check the details on your invoice to ensure they are correct.

Key information

  • your fee amount for the current study period
  • payment due date (to avoid your enrolment being encumbered and/or cancelled)
  • student status (indicates your chosen payment method)

Tooltips and interactive demonstration

If you are unsure of the terminology used on your invoice, Tool Tips are also provided. Just hover your mouse over the text while in the invoice and a brief explanation will appear.

You can also view an interactive demonstration (SWF, 127.6 KB) to help you understand your invoice. Or, you can view our frequently asked questions for more information.

Reference guide to your invoice

Invoice itemExplanation
Date of IssueThe date the fees were assessed and the invoice produced
CourseThe course code and title of the course you are currently enrolled in
Unit Code and TitleCurrent unit enrolment details as at the date of issue
StatusEnrolment status of the unit at date of issue (e.g. Enrolled, discontinued, unconfirmed)
LocationCampus at which your course or study unit is located
ClassAttendance type e.g. D = Campus study, X=Cloud (online)
Student StatusIndicates chosen payment method.
View student status definitions
Credit pointsThe number of points the unit will earn towards your degree if the unit is successfully completed
EFTSLEquivalent Full Time Student Load. Credit points undertaken in a given trimester are calculated as a fraction of the full-time annual load - normally 8 credit points. For example, a unit worth 1 credit point would have an EFTSL of 1 divided by 8 or 0.125.
Opening BalanceAmount outstanding from a previous trimester
Fee TypeIndicates the type of fee you are liable for
Assessed AmountAssessed Amount: The combined cost of all units displayed on your invoice
DiscountThe discount applied (10%) if you are in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) and have chosen to make a full upfront payment or a partial payment in excess of $500 (if applicable).
Sponsor AmountAmount assessed that the sponsor must pay (if applicable)
Student PaymentsAny payments made prior to the date of issue
Sponsor PaymentsPayments that sponsors have made prior to the date of issue
Student Amount OutstandingAmount owing for that Fee Type
Total Amount DueTotal amount owing for all Fee Types

Invoice due dates

The Invoice due date and the Census date may not be the same. The University sets the invoice due date for administrative purposes. The Census date is the date when all your enrolment arrangements for a study period must be finalised. It's important to know and understand the Census date if you're on HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or SA-HELP. You can find more information in the Student Fees and Charges Guide.

Study PeriodDomestic invoice due date*International invoice due date
Minimum 50% paymentBalance of fees due by
Trimester 112 March12 March 30 April
Trimester 227 July27 July15 September
Trimester 327 November27 November15 January
Semester 112 March12 March30 April
Semester 212 August12 August30 September
Residential 127 April27 April **Not applicable
Residential 212 August12 August **Not applicable
Residential 327 November27 November **Not applicable
Quarter 1Not applicable31 March **Not applicable
Quarter 2Not applicable30 June **Not applicable
Quarter 3Not applicable30 September **Not applicable
Quarter 4Not applicable31 December **Not applicable

* If you are enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place you must apply for HECS-HELP, if eligible, or pay your fees by the invoice due date.  No extensions, payment plans or exceptions will be made past the census date.

** Cannot be paid in instalments. 100% due by this date. Check our tuition fee, fee refund and privacy policies for international students to find out how to pay by instalments.

Late payment of fees

If you have not paid your fees in full by the invoice due date will receive a warning via your Deakin email. You should read and action the email immediately.

If you are enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student and your fees are not paid (or if eligible, deferred) by the invoice due date your enrolment will be at risk.  If your tuition fees (student contribution) remain outstanding at the applicable census date your enrolment will be terminated and you will lose your place at the University.

Payment methods

The following methods are available to pay your invoice.  To use these methods you must be a domestic student or currently enrolled International student.  If you are a prospective International student please pay via Deakin Globalpay for Students.

The Cashiers and Student Central do not accept cash payments. 


Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit, credit card or transaction account.

Allow five (5) working days for your payment to be processed to your Deakin fees account.


Pay in person at any Australia Post outlet, by phone within Australia 13 18 16 or International +61 13 18 16 (International call charges apply) or go to

Allow five (5) working days for your payment to be processed to your Deakin fees account.

Payment via StudentConnect

You can pay your invoice online by scrolling to the bottom of your invoice and clicking the 'Pay Now' button.

Allow five (5) working days for your payment to be processed to your Deakin fees account.

Payment in person

You can pay your invoice at the University Cashier Office or any Deakin Central on campus by MasterCard, Visa or EFTPOS debit card. Please note, cash is not accepted on any campus.

Western Union

If you are an International student you can pay your fees through Western Union.  For more information refer to Online payment FAQs.

All payment methods are also displayed on your 'print friendly version' of your invoice.

Fees paid by employers or sponsors

if a third party has agreed to pay fees on your behalf (eg an employer or sponsor), you can make arrangements for them to be invoiced directly for your fees.

The sponsor must meet the due date deadlines specified on their invoice, otherwise you may not be able to access your assessment results, make any variation to your enrolment or apply to graduate.

Information about sponsorships

View the Fees paid by employers and sponsors detail page.

Domestic Students

Commonwealth supported students

If you are enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student your fees must be paid in full by the invoice due date or, if eligible, you must complete a HECS-HELP form to defer your fees to the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

We are not able to offer due date extensions or payment plans to Commonwealth supported students.  If your fees are not paid in full, your enrolment will be at risk.

You can find out the amount of fees you owe or have deferred to HELP (if eligible) for your current study period by generating an invoice through StudentConnect

There may be other fees or charges which you'll need to pay, which are not covered by HELP.  You should check your invoice on StudentConnect to see if you have any outstanding amounts.

FEE-HELP invoices

When you generate your invoice you will see the 'student status 230' beside each unit. This means you have FEE-HELP.

If you have requested FEE-HELP to defer your tuition fees, this fee will shows as Student amount owing on your invoice until shortly after the census date. Any outstanding amount at the census date will be deferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a FEE-HELP debt.

You can find out the amount of fees you owe or have deferred to HELP (if eligible) for your current study period by generating an invoice through StudentConnect

International students

You should consider making regular payments so you don't need to pay your fees in a large lump sum.  Payments can be of any amount and frequency so long as full payment is made by the invoice due date.

International student bursary payments

Your invoice will not include your bursary payment until after the relevant trimester census date. Eligibility for all bursary payments is checked after the census date, no payment can occur without these checks. It is recommended that you pay the minimum 50% of your total fees by the due date on your invoice, then check your online invoice again approximately three weeks after the census date to make sure your bursary payment has been applied, and to see the balance you will need to pay by the second due date.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with an invoice showing your bursary amount until after your eligibility has been confirmed and your bursary has been applied.

Need help?

If you experience difficulties in generating your invoice or if any of the information on your invoice is incorrect or incomplete, contact Deakin Central for help.

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