Our research programs investigate the complex, adaptive relationships between natural, virtual, human and built environments, in response to the needs of local and global contexts. We aim to grow knowledge in order to develop and manage economic, social, productive and environmentally sustainable environments.

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Our interdisciplinary research program serves the needs of the built environment professions. Our active researchers successfully secure nationally competitive research grants, government agency funded research and industry consultancy research programs.

Deakin Urban Ecologies (DUE)

DUE is the umbrella group for the research programs in the school that investigate the symbiotic relationships between the complex adaptive natural, virtual, human and built environments in response to local, and global contexts. 

The aim is to create a knowledge centre for the development and management of economic, social and environmentally sustainable environments for a productive, innovative and competitive Australian property and construction industry. DUE is understood through the research areas listed below.

Sociocultural ecology

Learn about our sociocultural ecology research. This involves analysing built environments to learn how they change through history and adapt to the people and environment around them.

Learn more about our sociocultural ecology research

Construction ecology

Our construction ecology research team focuses on eco-industrial settings and how various factors can radically affect them.

Learn more about our construction ecology research

Urbanism and design

Our cities and regions continually face the challenges of expansion. Our urbanism and design team researches how to make our urban and regional centres happier, healthier and more hospitable places to live.

Learn more about our urbanism and design research

Built environment education

Built environment education focuses on the learning and teaching of built environments in relation to architecture, construction management, landscape and urban planning.

Learn more about our built environment education research

Building environment

This team’s research focus is on the wide range of building environments, their performance and contribution to design and construction of future structures.

Learn more about our building environment research

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