Current Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Students

Student name Supervisor name Thesis title
Zainab Ibrahim Abass                     A/Prof Richard Tucker    Contemporary intellectual trends in housing
Normila Ahmad Prof Anthony Mills Contractor's Performance Model In The Tender Preparation Process In The Construction Industry
Suriati Ahmad Prof David Jones Mining Cultural Landscape: Assessment and Benchmarking Kinta Valley Former Mining Landscape, Malaysia
Ammar Al-Shemery                        Dr Hilary Davies                 The leadership role of facilities Management and its impact on workplace productivity The leadership role of facilities Management and its impact on workplace productivity
Tarek Mohamed Farouk
Abdelaal Ahmed
Dr Priya Rajagopalan Enhancing energy performance in Healthcare Facilities
Alfan Dr David Beynon Architecture dialect on Jami Air Tiris Mosque in Riau Province Indonesia
Huda Khaleefa Alsalmi Dr Simone Leao Developing a GIS linked decision support system for sustainable built environment in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Daniela Bertol   Form mind body space time: physical movement and mental states
Ivy Qiu Blackman Dr Hilary Davies Cost Estimating Efficiency and Accuracy of Residential Building
Anthony Butz Dr John Rollo 'Anlaby' Garden and Landscape Significance Assessment
Jean Jonathan Duverge Dr Priya Rajagopalan Energy performance and water usage of Aquatics centres
Dina El Kordy                                      Dr John Rollo Sustainability Indicators in early Islamic settlements
Yolanda Esteban Dr John Rollo Adopting a computational approach to modelling future growth through sustainable development initiatives within the urban context
Alexandra Florea                              Dr Mirjana Lozanovska The revival of the rural space
John Herron Dr John Rollo Looking for Sanity in Coastal Planning Deliberations
Xiancun Hu Dr Chunlu Liu Innovative productivity measurement and forecasting of the construction industry
Diasana I Dewa Gede Agung Dr Mirjana Lozanovska Sustainability of traditional housing extensions in rural area as tourism facilities in developing countries (a study of traditional housing extensions as home-based enterprise towards ....
Rafidah Binti Ismail         Dr Chunlu LiuThe Nation's Sustainability Development of Malaysian Construction Industry Through Safety Management Systems (SMS)
Parisa Izadpanahi A/Prof Richard Tucker The Role of Children's Participation in Creating Effective Learning Environment
Suzette Jackson Dr John Rollo The regeneration of existing cities through local food resilience
Elmira Jamei

Dr Priya Rajagopalan

The effect of vegetation on urban micro climate
Yan LiDr Chunlu Liu/ Dr Priya Rajagopalan

Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Green Roof Systems using Simulation Programs in Australia

Hussein Madi Dr Mirjana Lozanovska Housing design from the past into the future in Libya
Leila Mahmoudi Farahani Dr Mirjana Lozanovska A study of sense of community in residential environments
Helen Roper Meikle                        Dr John Rollo                    The engagement of disenfranchised communities in constructing sustainable societies: Planning and engagement practice in the Barwon Region
Mario Mendez                                  Prof Anthony Mills The Role of Critical Success Factors and Innovation in Alliance Contracting
Liyana Mohamed Yusof Prof David Jones Adaptable House: A comprehensive study of the appropriateness of design criteria in Australia for Malaysia context
Bahareh Motamed A/Prof Richard Tucker The Role of Colour in City life (Social and Environmental Health)
Mehran Oraee Namzadi A/Prof Mark Luther Productivity and energy efficiency gains by BIM methodology in construction of high-rise buildings (in Australia)
Gregory Pitts A/Prof Mark Luther A Parametric approach to cohesive building systems
Phillip Roos Prof David Jones Integration Model for Sustainable Design and Climate Change Resilience in Settlements and Related Transport Infrastructure
Jeremy Schluter Dr Mirjana Lozanovska Towards an urban Melbourne: middle city urban infill investigations
Samer Skaik Prof Anthony Mills Party-appointed experts in international arbitration
Shilpi Tewari Dr David Beynon Changing Neighbourhood Character in Melbourne - Pluralism and Multiculturalism in Planning
Gregoria TodaroProf David JonesPlace making: The art of planning for 'iconic' development in Melbourne
Dennis Neale Williamson Dr Simone Leao

The patch, the corridor and the matrix: Biodiversity barriers and opportunities in production landscapes of the Wimmera Wheatbelt region

Ross Wissing Dr Simone Leao Towards sustainable residential landscapes in Geelong
Nasim Yazdani Dr Mirjana Lozanovska Architectural Psychology
Ni Made Yudantini Prof David Jones The impact of Balinese traditional landscape for sustainability of Balinese housing development
Joshua Zeunert              Dr Beau Beza Landscape Architecture and Urban Agriculture
Ruixue Zhu Dr Chunlu Liu Productivity measurement and improvement of the construction industry

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