Victorian Laboratory for Urban Ecologies (VALUE)

VALUE's mission is to develop a broad critical analysis of the contemporary architectural, social, economic and ecological challenges that shape built environment and consider various strategies for forming new or regenerating existing urban forms and relationships.

It integrates architecture to biotic forms, urban patters to ecological principles, and urban landscape to natural habitat.

Half of the population in the world live concentrated in approximately 5% of the Earth's surface, in urban areas. Urbanisation was accompanied by an extraordinary rate of conversion of land and resource consumption, alteration of habitats, disruption of hydrological processes, and modification of energy flow and nutrient cycles. The productive area required to support current urban life style can be 100 to 300 times larger than the urban regions. Those ecological changes adversely affect human health and well being.

Sustainability is a concept pursued by governments and communities worldwide. However, not enough is known about how human and ecological patterns emerge from the interactions between socioeconomic and biophysical processes.


In order to produce high impact, VALUE is driven to:

  • Work on major contemporary national and international urban and regional issues
  • Engage research with governmental and industry agendas on current most relevant regional and national demands
  • Produce applicable innovation to bridge science, society and policy making in the following research fronts:
    • Population growth, densification and urban renewal
    • Energy efficient and carbon neutral development
    • Resources consumption and waste emissions
    • Climate change adaption and coastal development
    • Responsive and inclusive public spaces
    • Community engagement and governance

Theories and Methods

VALUE is a multidisciplinary research centre formed by highly qualified academic from diverse disciplines which collaborate to study coupled human-nature systems and to develop innovative knowledge and tools to assist society in planning and managing a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable urban development.

VALUE develops and applies theories and methods from social and environmental sciences, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches and high technological spatial computation in an innovative manner.

Teams and People

Urban/Regional Ecologies

  • Dr Simone Leao
  • Dr Rebecca Yang
  • Dr Leilei Xu
  • Assoc Prof David Jones

Cultural Ecologies

  • Dr Mirjana Lozanovska
  • Dr David Beynon
  • Yolanda Esteban
  • Susan Ang
  • Dr Robert Fuller
  • Mr James Coulson

Architectural sustainability

  • Dr Priya Rajagopalan
  • Assoc Prof Mark Luther
  • Dr Astrid Roetzel
  • Dr Robert Fuller

Construction Ecologies

  • Dr Eric Chan
  • Dr Adam Krezel
  • Dr Linda Osman-Schlegal
  • Dr Vishal Singh
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