Identity Work:
Exploring Identity and Subjectivity in Educational Research


Tuesday 29 July 2008
9.00 am–4.00 pm
Punt Hill Hotel, 300 Burwood Highway, Burwood

In August a group of Deakin academics gathered together in Melbourne at the Punt Hill Conference venue in Burwood to discuss identity and subjectivity. Identity and subjectivity are somewhat contentious and highly unsettling terms in educational research.  We all understand and mobilise the terms in different ways
according to our theoretical perspectives and disciplines and most of us are still struggling with these notions.  During this day long workshop we brought together voices from the different strands of EFI to discuss notions of identity and subjectivity, not as a way of gaining commonality and shared consensus but to explore, (re)present and discuss these varied conceptions.

There were three 1 ½ hour sessions in which representatives gave a short presentation followed by group discussion.  Participants from the School of Education faculty and HDR students were able to attend as many of the sessions as possible as well as a lunch at the venue. The presenters were as follows (links will allow you to download the Powerpoint presentation):






Session 1: Youth Diversity and Change in the Digital Age Strand


Identity in real and virtual worlds (45KB)

Associate Professor Catherine Beavis


Gender and workers

Dr Lynn Harrison


Bringing girls back into focus (1.4MB)

Dr Kathryn Meldrum



Session 2: Reimagining Science, Technology, Environmental and Mathematics Education Strand


Responses to science as an identity issue (4.2MB)

Professor Russelll Tytler


Identity and maths education (350KB)

Dr Gaye Williams


Identity in relation to the environment

Ms Marilyn Cole



Session 3. Internationalisation, Inclusivity and Knowledge Work


Issues of identity and leadership (1MB)

Professor Jill Blackmore


Identity, TESOL and the International Student (1.6MB)

Dr Ruth Arber


Identity work being done by postgraduate students (140KB)

Dr Tricia Henry with Russell Tytler and Iris Liou









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