CrEFI Book Publications 2009

book cover race ethnicity and education in globalized times

Re-engaging learners in schooling through applied learning reform : exploring the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning as an 'alternative' senior schooling pathway in Australia
By Damian Blake
Published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Kohn, Germany, 2009
ISBN 9783838321950
296 pages

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) emerged in Australia to provide more relevant curriculum programs that would cater for increasing retention rates of high school students. It is also an example of the ‘new’ learning arising from contemporary debates and reforms that highlight inadequacies of the more traditional modes of learning. This book focuses on the pedagogical and sociological issues emerging from the VCAL being introduced as an ‘alternative’ learning pathway for ‘at-risk’ students within a traditional high school culture. Through the eyes of an insider- researcher, the book argues for a deeper understanding of applied learning as a ‘re-engaging’ pedagogy by studying the schooling experience of VCAL students and teachers. The book concludes that traditional modes of school teaching contribute to the social construction of ‘at-risk’ students and argues that high school pedagogy needs to be redefined as a cultural phenomenon requiring teachers to be reflexively aware of their role in bridging the gap between students’ life experiences and the curriculum. 

Working in Jamie's kitchen: salvation, passion and young workers
By Lyn Harrison and Peter Kelly
Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2009
ISBN 9780230515543
289 pages

"In the UK in 2002, the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver set out to transform a group of unemployed young Londoners into enterprising, passionate workers. Their struggles, and those that train and manage them, to develop a passionate orientation to work, highlight many of the challenges we all face in the globalized labour markets of the 21st century"

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