Medical education

Postgraduate supervision

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus

Professor Michael Berk
Psychiatry; mood disorders; mental health treatment and outcomes; psychiatric epidemiology; biomarkers in mental health; primary prevention of mental illness

Professor Brendan Crotty
Pre vocational and specialist medical education, and postgraduate medical training

Professor Gerard Gill
Socio-economic determinants of health, health workforce, appropriate prescribing, care of the elderly in community settings, health of veterens

Professor David Watters
Surgical audits; health IT systems; surgical education

Associate Professor Ross Carne
The effects of educational environment on course outcomes

Associate Professor Julie Pasco
The Geelong Osteoporosis Study, which generates evidence for defining the risk for osteoporosis and other chronic diseases; population-based cohort and case-control studies

Dr Karen D'Souza
Doctor Patient Theme; communicating with patients, obtaining a medical history, clinical examination, appropriate investigation and the performance of clinical procedures

Associate Professor Felice Jacka
Lifestyle based treatment interventions for clinical depressive illnesses; the role of diet, as well as physical activity and smoking, as risk factors for the common mental disorders; population-basedapproaches to the prevention of mental health problems.

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