Staff listing

Deakin’s School of Medicine has a large team that includes the leadership team, academics, researchers and professional staff. The school is based at our Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.

School executive

Acting Dean Head of School
Karen Dwyer

Personal Assistant to Dean of School
Cynthia Korevaar

Associate Head of School, International
Scott McCoombe 

Associate Head of School, Research
Alister Ward

Associate Head of School, Teaching and Learning
Alex Gentle

School Manager
Sally Speirs

Academic staff


Director, Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (GCEID)
Soren Alexandersen
Professor of Optometry
James Armitage
Professor, Infectious Diseases
Eugene Athan
Alfred Deakin Professor
Michael Berk
Professor of Anatomy
Chris Briggs
Tania De Koning-Ward
Alfred Deakin Professor
Wei Duan
Epworth Geelong Chair in Surgery
Glenn Guest
Professor of Nutritional and Epidemiological Psychiatry
Felice Jacka
Professor in Nanomedicine
Jagat Kanwar
Professor of Endocrinology & Diabetes
Mark Kotowicz
Professor of Communication & End of Life Care
Peter Martin
St John of God & Barwon Health Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery
Richard Page
Julie Pasco
Chair in Academic General Practice
Jonathan Silverman  
Professor, Viral Immunology 
John Stambas
Chair in Medicine and Director of Research
Peter Vuillermin
Chair in Metabolic Diseases
Ken Walder
Professor of Medicine
Jon Watson
Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in Surgery
David Watters
Head of Clinical Partnerships- Optometry
Craig Woods 
Chair in Medical Imaging 
Paul Yielder

Associate professors

Director Centre Rural Emergency Medicine
Tim Baker
Associate Professor, Systems Epidemiology of Infection
Alyssa Barry
Director National Centre for Farmer Health
Susan Brumby
Clinical Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Ross Carne
Associate Professor
Jeff Craig 
Associate Professor, Medical Sciences
Tamsyn Crowley
Associate Professor (Research)
Olivia Dean
Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Amardeep Dhillon
Director, Rural Community Clinical School (RCCS)
Lara Fuller
Associate Professor in Neurobiology
Veer Gupta
Associate Professor in Medical Imaging
Giovanni Mandarano
Associate Professor, Health Ethics and Professionalism
Dominique Martin
Associate Professor
Janet Mc Leod
Associate Professor of Medical Biology
Sean McGee
Director, Clinical Studies, Greater Green Triangle Clinical School, Warrnambool and Director, Western Victoria Regional Training Hub
Barry Morphett
Associate Professor (Research)
Adrienne O'Neil
Associate Professor, Intensive Care Medicine
Neil Orford
Associate Professor in Clinical Leadership
Grant Phelps
Associate Professor, Paediatric Neurophysiology
Julia Pitcher
Director, MBA (Healthcare Management)
Sandeep Reddy
Director, Clinical Studies Geelong
Cameron Shaw
Associate Professor of Surgery
Douglas Stupart
Director, Deakin Rural Health (DRH) 
Vincent Versace
Associate Professor
Lana Williams
Director, Clinical Studies Grampians Clinical School Ballarat
Mark Yates

Senior lecturers

Course Director, Bachelor of Medical Imaging
Saba Ansari
Senior Lecturer in Human Biology
Kathryn Aston-Mourney
Senior Lecturer, Vision Science
Simon Backhouse
Deputy Director, OCPH
Meg Chiswell
Senior Lecturer, Clinical Studies (Pathology)
Deborah Clarke-Whitley
Senior Lecturer in Optometric Clinical Skills
Heather Connor
Co-Theme Leader MSCP (Clinical Practice) & Senior Lecturer, Academic General Practice
Mark Dalgleish
Senior Lecturer
Karen D'Souza
Senior Lecturer in Optometry
Jane Duffy
Deputy Director, Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine
Tahnee Dunlop
Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
Stephen Fischer
Senior Lecturer, Medicine
Deb Friedman
Senior Lecturer, Clinical Medicine (Pathophysiology)
Jeremy Furyk
Clinical Skills Senior Lecturer
Sue Garner 
Deputy Director, Clinical Studies
James Gome
Course Director, MD
Laura Gray
Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging – Ultrasound Specialisation
Chris Jansen
Regional Academic Coordinator
Mark Johnson
Senior Lecturer in Biomedicine
Rupinder Kanwar
Medical Director of Simulation and Clinical Skills, Greater Green Triangle Clinical School, Warrnambool
Alice Kelly
Senior Lecturer in Medical Education (Assessment)
Mary Lawson
Senior Lecturer in Academic General Practice
Sarah Mansfield 
Medical Director of Simulation – Senior Lecturer 
Kate McCloskey 
Senior Lecturer, Clinical and Communication Skills
Claire Mckie
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education
Carl Murphy
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education
Kate Murphy
Senior Lecturer, Rural General Surgery
Sonal Nagra
Senior Lecturer, Foundation Principles and Application of Medical Imaging
Boris Penchev
Deputy Director, Clinical Studies, Geelong Clinical School
Anita Phillips
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education
Vivienne Ramsbottom
Director, MBA (Healthcare Management)
Peter Riley
Head of Assessment in Clinical Optometry
Geoff Sampson
Senior Lecturer in Medical Science
Sarah Shigdar 
Medical Director, Simulation and Clinical Skills
Kate Stotskaia
Senior Lecturer in Medical Imaging Professional & Clinical Studies
Andrea Thompson
Senior Lecturer
Alyna Turner
Senior Lecturer, Clinical Medicine (Imaging)
Simon Ussher
Senior Lecturer, Clinical Medicine
Garry Wilkes
Senior Lecturer, Medical Biotechnology
Richard Williams


Lecturer, Optometric Clinical Skills and Head, Dispensing Program 
Serap Azizoglu
Lecturer in Medical Imaging Practice and Clinical Learning
James Bainbridge
Co-theme Leader MSCP (Medical Sciences)
Debbie Baldi
Lecturer in Rural General Practice (Program Development and Support)
Jessica Beattie
Lecturer in Simulation and Clinical Skills
Kellie Britt
Lecturer in Health Ethics, Law and Professional Development
Tamara Browne 
Lecturer in Clinical Skills
Sarah Burgess
Lecturer in Optometry and Vision Science
Luke Chong 
Lecturer in Rural Health and Research Fellow Grade 2
Jacquie Cotton
Lecturer, Medical Sciences
Posh Dhar
Lecturer in Clinical Skills
Helen Doyle
Lecturer in Ophthalmic Optics
Lourdes Llorente Escrina
Lecturer in Health Ethics and Professionalism
Cynthia Forlini
Lecturer in Regional Medical Education (Pathology)
Melanie Gunn 
Lecturer in Optometry and Vision Science
David Hammond
Lecturer in Bioethics and Health Humanities
Evie Kendal
Lecturer, Public Health Medicine 
Prabhat Lamichhane
Lecturer in Optometry and Vision Science
Alissa Maillet
Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging- Clinical Studies- Computed Tomography
Richard Mansfield 
Lecturer in Public Health
Erik Martin 
Coordinator of Indigenous Medical Education/Lecturer in Public Health Medicine
Candice McKenzie
Lecturer in Medical Sciences
Bryony McNeill
Imran Muhammad 
Lecturer in Health Professionalism & Medical Education
Natasha Parkin 
Lecturer, Medical Education
Elena Pascoe
Lecturer in Medical Sciences (Anatomy)
Kylie Pickles
Teaching Scholar, Medical Imaging
Gail Powe
Lecturer in Medical Sciences
Leni Rivera
Lecturer in Optometry
Linda Robinson
Lecturer, Indigenous Health
Joleen Ryan
Lecturer, Health Ethics, Law and Professionalism
Jacqueline Savard
Lecturer in Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Craig Smith
Lecturer, Medical Biotechnology, Infection & Immunity
Garth Stephenson
Lecturer in Medical Physiology
Nicole Stupka
Lecturer, Anatomy and Physiology
Sophie Tobias
Lecturer in Foundation Principles of Medical Imaging
Gregory Van Egmond
Clinical Skills Instructor, OSCE & CSI Coordinator
Laurel Weaver
Lecturer in Vision Science
Ryan Wood-Bradley

Associate lecturers

Optometric Teaching Scholar
Lucy Ainge 
Clinical Skills Instructor
Nigel Bellears
Associate Lecturer, Optometry and Vision Science
Dipesh Bhattarai
Clinical Skills Instructor
Jenny Bryce
Clinical Skills Instructor
Lisa Calafiore
Clinical Skills Teacher in Optometry
Ash Chan 
Associate Lecturer in Optometry and Vision Science
Amanda Douglass 
Associate Lecturer in Optometric Clinical Skills
Moneisha Gokhale
Clinical Skills Instructor
Camille Gordon
Clinical Skills Instructor
Michael Gordon 
Clinical Skills Teacher in Optometry
Kerryn Hart
Associate Lecturer in Optometric Clinical Skills
Nick Hockley
Officer for Optometric Business Partnerships & Education
Steven Maskell 
Teaching Scholar, Anatomy
Cailin Mellberg
Teaching Scholar, Pathology
Heather Morrison
Clinical Skills Instructor
Louise Norton
Clinical Skills and Simulation Instructor
Lisa Panozzo
Clinical Skills Instructor
Joanne Patrick
Teaching Scholar, Medical Biotechnology and Infection and Immunity
Liza Raymond
Teaching Scholar, Medical Biotechnology and Infection and Immunity
Rasika Samarasinghe
Clinical Skills Instructor
Rebecca Stengewis
Associate Lecturer in Medicine
Vanessa Vaughan
Associate Lecturer in Optometric Clinical Skills
Natalie Watt

Adjunct lecturers

Research staff

Research staff

Associate Research Fellow, Cell Analysis
Faiza Basheer
Associate Research Fellow
Hannah Beks
Research Fellow (Grade 2)
Lesley Berk 
Research Fellow (Grade 1)
Amelia Betson
Research Assistant
Marley Binder 
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Chiara Bortolasci
Associate Research Fellow
Anthony Chamings
Research Assistant
Mrittika Chowdury
Research Officer
Timothy Connor
Research Fellow
Natalie Counihan
Research Assistant
Meagan Craven
Dean’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Daniel Dlugolenski
Associate Research Fellow
Geraldine Ewing
Research Fellow (Grade 2)
Stephen Gill 
Research Assistant
Taylor Hartwig
Associate Research Fellow
Kyoko Hasebe 
Research Fellow
Chris Healey
Research Assistant
Catherine Helson
Research Fellow
Andrea Hernan
National Health & Medical Research Council, Early Career Fellow
Erin Hoare 
Research Fellow
Kara Holloway
Dean's Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sarah Hosking
Dean's Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Natalie Hyde
Research Fellow (Grade 2)
Alison Kennedy
Research Assistant
Claire Kennedy
Research Assistant
Haydn Klemm
Associate Research Fellow
Kate Kloot
Research Assistant
Sharon Lee
Research Officer
Jet Phey Lim
Research Fellow
Clifford Liongue
Research Fellow Grade 2
Amy Loughman 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Viral Immunology
Chunni Lu
Research Officer
Sheree Martin
Dean's Research Postdoctoral Fellow
Wolf Marx
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Kat Matthews
Research Assistant
Catherine Mazza
Research Assistant, Clinical Trials
Alcy Meehan
Research Assistant
Sondita Mein
Research Fellow
Joyanta Modak
Research Assistant
Meg Murray
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biostatistics/Bioinformatics
Martin O'Hely
Research Fellow Grade 2
Tetyana Rocks 
Research Assistant, Rural Allied Health
Andrew Rodsted
Research Assistant
Lucy Saunders
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Heidi Staudacher
Senior Research Fellow
Kate Schlicht
Research Officer
Briana Spolding
Research Fellow
Amanda Stuart
ARC DECRA Research Fellow
Phuong Tran
Research Fellow, Grade 2
Nilakshi Waidyatillake
Trisno Family Fellowship
Adam Walker
Associate Research Fellow
Yen Wong
Research Assistant
Anna Wrobel
Associate Research Fellow
Zonghong Zhang

Professional staff

Professional staff

Senior Administrative Officer
Kristy Akrigg
Laboratory Manager
Helen Barry
Technical Officer
Uli Bauer 
Executive Assistant
Gill Beard
Clinical School Administrative Officer
Victoria Caldow
Technical Officer
Adele Cameron
Clinical Schools Manager
Narelle Canning
Administrative Officer
Jodie Cram
Senior Administrative Officer
Debbie Duval
Senior Administrative Officer
Nicole East
Senior Administrative Officer & Projects & Executive Officer
Cara English
Administrative Assistant (Student Support) and Associate Research Fellow
Geraldine Ewing 
Senior Administrative Officer
Alexis Foster-Gerrard
Technical Officer
Fiona Fraser
Clinical School Administrative Officer
Trudy Glisson
Technical Officer
Annette Hayward
Administrative Officer
Lisha Jerome 
Personal Assistant to the Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery
Ali Jordan
Senior Administrative Officer
Rebecca Kilinski
Senior Technical Officer
Elizabeth Laidlaw
Technical Officer
Scott Laidlaw
Administrative Officer
Naomi Lane
Administrative Assistant, Reception
Kendall Letica
Administrative Officer (Curriculum Support)
Coralee McKenzie
Rural Multidisciplinary Student Support Officer
Angela Mclaren
Administrative Coordinator, Selections and Placements
Claudia McLean
Administrative Officer & Administrative Assistant (WVRTH)
Candis Mcleod
Administrative Officer
Julie Nichols
Technical Officer
Carla Osinski
Administrative Officer
Peter Panayiotides
Jacqueline Payne 
Senior Administrative Officer
Carlie Philp
Administrative Assistant, RCCS
Anna Raven
Clinical School Administrative Officer
Eilidh Rittmeyer
Coordinator, Rural Multidisciplinary Placement
Mel Robertson
Operations Coordinator, Rural Clinical School
Stuart Robottom
Project Coordinator
Rachel Shanahan 
Technical Officer
Amy Snelling
Senior Administrative Officer
Colleen Stephens
Technical Officer- Simulation & Clinical Skills
Courtney Swinton 
Senior Administrative Officer
Maxine Trembath
Technical Officer
Monique Trengove
Project Coordinator
Peta Trinder
Simulation and Clinical Skills Administrative Assistant
Beni Turkson
Student Support Program Coordinator
Amanda Urquhart
Executive Assistant to the Chair of Surgery
Anne Vandewater
Administrative Officer & Senior Administrative Officer
Kelli-Jane Vertigan
Administrative Officer
Shani Watson
Administrative Coordinator
Joanne Wekwerth

Advisory board


A high-quality advisory board supports our optometry courses, and helps ensure they're aligned to industry needs. It's also a key element of the governance and continuous improvement of optometry at Deakin.

Yvonne Hewitt

Yvonne Hewitt is the Director of Clinical Education at Training at Barwon Health.

Her qualifications are in business and management, and her health sector career spans approximately 20 years. Yvonne has worked in public and private sector health organisations, including at the Executive level, leading and managing clinical and non-clinical services.

She was appointed to her current role in 2010, with the brief of establishing an integrated education and training unit for Barwon Health. The Clinical Education and Training Unit incorporates medical, nursing and allied health education and training for all phases of the pathway, from secondary school work experience and professional entry placements through transition to practice, graduate and postgraduate training, as well as continuing professional development.

Yvonne has a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration from Deakin University, is a member of CPA Australia, an Associate Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Managers, and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Jayson Ward

Jayson graduated with a B.Optom (University of Melbourne) in 2000, and spent several years employed in Melbourne private practice with a strong interest in children's and behavioural optometry.

Jayson has subsequently worked as an optometrist around Australia and the world, at times as a volunteer optometrist and teaching clinician with the International Centre for Eyecare Education. This provided extensive experience within indigenous populations at home and abroad and the completion of a M.Optom (University of New South Wales).

Years of locum work culminated in Jayson's current role as optometrist and principal of Warrnambool Eyecare and Portland Eyecare in south-west regional Victoria since 2012. He currently sits as Director for Optometry Victoria and hosts optometry student placements from Victorian universities.

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is the Director of Eyecare and Community for Luxottica across Australia and New Zealand. The Luxottica group employs over 700 optometrists across the OPSM and Laubman & Pank brands. Peter is responsible for the overall recruitment of optometrists and management of this team, a role that has a huge impact on the quality of eye care provided to both Australia and New Zealand.

Peter is an optometrist by training and has degrees in science and optometry from the University of Melbourne. He also completed a MBA from the University of West Australia, and a Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics from the University of New South Wales.

Over his career, Peter has been a passionate supporter of the OneSight and has participated in domestic clinics in remote places in Australia such as Derby, Mooree, Doomadgee and Mornington Island. He has also participated in several overseas clinics including Fiji, Thailand, The Gambia, (Africa), and Xian, China.

Peter’s other professional interest has been to support Optometry Australia. He was on the Western Australia board of Optometry Australia for a decade, and he also served as the National Director representing Western Australia for a number of years.

Sharon Bentley

Sharon obtained her degrees in optometry at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Sharon has experience as an optometrist clinician, educator and researcher in Australia, Canada and the US.

She currently works as the Director of Clinical Services for the Australian College of Optometry, having previously worked in a number of academic positions. She has a honorary position in the University of Melbourne's Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences.

Sharon is a Board Director of Vision Australia, Chair of the Optometry Australia Low Vision Working Group, member of the Vision 2020 Independence and Participation Committee and Editorial Board member of Clinical and Experimental Optometry.

Sharon is a past Churchill Fellow. Her current clinical and research interests include public health, indigenous eye health services, patient-reported outcomes for use in clinical trials of new eye treatments, glaucoma and the impact of low vision on quality of life.