Evaluating teaching and learning

Currently at Deakin, the Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units survey (SETU) enables students to give feedback of their experience of the units in accordance with the University's Evaluation of Teaching and Units procedure

Results for individual units are publicly available through the Unit Evaluation website.

Deakin is preparing to adopt a new survey, eVALUate, which aligns to the strategic goals of the Live the Future Agenda 2020. The new system will be piloted in selected units in Trimester 1, 2014, after which it will be adopted more broadly across the University.

About eVALUate

Commencing with a pilot in Trimester 1 2014, Deakin University is adopting eVALUate to enable students to provide feedback on their units.

To discover the features of the new eVALUate survey please view this short video introduction and see the following pages.

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