Evaluating teaching and learning

Introducing the new eVALUate survey

From trimester 2, 2014 Deakin will use the eVALUate survey to collect students' feedback on their learning experiences within units. This validated survey will replace the Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units (SETU) survey to collect information on students' perceptions of what helps and hinders their achievement of learning outcomes. Student feedback about teaching will continue to be part of the survey.

eVALUate will provide several enhancements:

  • eVALUate focuses strongly on student learning, and prompts students to reflect on their own contribution to learning;
  • the response categories for the eVALUate quantitative items encourage students to agree or disagree, or to indicate that they are 'unable to judge' (there is no neutral option);
  • eVALUate is implemented in other universities—including Curtin University and the University of Tasmania—which creates the opportunity for benchmarking of similar units and courses, if appropriate and as agreed by faculties and schools. Benchmarking is flagged in the proposed Higher Education Standards Framework as one of the external reference points in course monitoring and review (section 5.3).

The survey frequency and units evaluated will remain unchanged, with students invited to evaluate their coursework units and associated teachers each trimester, unless the unit is exempted under the Evaluation of Teaching and Units procedure. Any current exemptions will continue to the end of 2014. A long-term decision about exemptions will be reached when the implementation of eVALUate is reviewed at the end of the year.

Introducing eVALUate (PDF, 875KB)

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