Group leader: Professor. Jagat R. Kanwar

Group members: Dr. Rupinder Kanwar - Research Fellow

PhD Students: (Principal or Associate)


Project title

Rasika Samarsinghe

Study on inflammatory and chondroprotective mechanisms in an arthritis model.

Sishir Kumar Kamalapuram

Development of multimodal nanotheranostics for targeted molecular imaging and therapy in oncology.

Isha Gupta

Anti-microbial activities of novel nanoformulated lactoferrin through oral administration

Kislay Roy

Oral administration of cancer cell targeted chimeric aptamer-survivin antagonist.

Bhasker Sriramoju

Brain targeted nanodelivery for neurological disorders.

Nihal Ganesh Maremanda

Identification of Protein Biomarkers for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Rajneesh Chaudhary

Development of engineered novel magnetic nanoparticulate contrast agents for the enhanced targeted magnetic resonance imaging of atherosclerosis

Sneha Gurudevan

Targeting hypoxia inducible factor alpha (HIF-1α) using its antagonist loaded nanocarriers for hepatocellular carcinoma.

Neha Singh

Role of ATP binding cassette transporters in drug resistant melanoma by modulating the expression of micro RNA

Jessica Gibbons

Targeting EGFR and breast cancer using anti-cancer protein loaded nanoparticles

Narinderbir Singh

Novel nanodrug formulations to target survivin in glioblastoma.

Ajay Ashok

A novel coencapsulated nanoformulation to impede cardiomyocyte apoptosis

Jayanth Suryanarayanan Shankaranarayanan

Recombinant protein loaded novel nanocarriers to target tumor survival factors

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