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It's not a one way flow, says Ravneet Pawha

It's not a one way flow, says Ravneet Pawha
It's not a one way flow, says Ravneet Pawha

The relationship between Deakin University and India is a reciprocal one, says Ravneet Pawha, Deakin's Country Director for India.

"Deakin was the first university anywhere in the world to set up an office in India, in New Delhi in the year 1996," she said.

"The real objective of the office is to engage with India holistically.

"We engage across areas, research partnerships, teaching and learning partnerships, industry involvement projects and working with the Government."

That there is a such a highly-developed synergy between India and the University that carries the name of Alfred Deakin, Australia's second Prime Minister, is entirely appropriate.

A man of enormous vision, Deakin wrote in the late 19th Century that Australia and India would become close working partners in a wide range of endeavours.

Ravneet Pawha says the research relationship between Deakin and India is a particularly powerful one.

"It is high end research that is absolutely critical to the future of the world, and specifically to India and Australia," she said.

"Deakin in India is about partnerships and real value to both countries.

"Deakin's engagement with India, or role in India, is not just around Deakin, it is about cementing the overall relationships between the two countries."

Ravneet Pawha on Deakin in India

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