Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics

The Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics (CSCL) is an academic research centre that seeks to answer pressing questions about the design and management of supply chain and logistical networks.

By doing so, we’re able to inform communities, government and the private sector on key issues that will enable them to make better decisions for their supply chains and logistics.

Our vision

The centre is a recognised global leader in providing supply chain and knowledge-based research and education. We aim to improve both public and private sector supply chain and logistics decision-making.

In undertaking this, CSCL is guided by core values that include:

  • objectivity
  • independence
  • sustainability
  • rigour.

Our expertise

CSCL is a leading centre in Australia focusing specifically on freight logistics and value-added supply chains. We are involved in:


Our independent, rigorous and objective research has long-term sustainability in mind, and is conducted in ongoing initiatives called ‘laboratories’. Our laboratories have a strategic focus in areas including supply chain strategy, freight logistics, humanitarian logistics and and many others. Our projects extend far beyond Australia, with special emphasis on ASEAN countries and Latin America.

Industry engagement

We seek to better understand supply chain and logistics challenges faced by industry. CSCL actively engages with an industry advisory board, made up of prominent figures from Australia’s private and government sectors, who help determine the centre’s strategic agenda. CSCL also maintains a wider network of industry partners from diverse sectors, including several strategic partners that bring areas of interest and particular problems to the attention of the centre, which then become the subject of future research projects.


CSCL offers a doctoral program in supply chain and logistics and is currently developing a Master of Supply Chain for 2019.


CSCL is involved in a number of projects linked to industry and government. Through our laboratories and expert staff, we provide impartial and practical advice and assessment.

Wayfinder: Supply Chain Careers for Women

In partnership with some of Australia's leading freight and supply chain companies

December 2017

Wayfinder: Supply Chain Careers for Women is a strategically focused diversity and inclusion program designed to improve the talent pipeline for Australia's supply chain and logistics sector. The Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics is proud to partner with some of Australia's leading freight and supply chain companies to develop talent in a sector which faces a challenge in regenerating its workforce with the right skills to remain globally competitive in the future.

Inquiry into Australia’s Freight and Supply Chain Priorities: Scenario Planning

In partnership with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

July 2017–November 2017

CSCL was engaged to deliver and conduct interviews and workshops with experts from industry and government towards the development of a set of four scenarios for strategic planning. The project will provide:

  • summaries of the most prominent drivers of change identified in the literature and interviews
  • the proposed underlying logic for the scenarios and the text for the central narratives and the vignettes for the finished scenarios
  • a summary of the main findings of the workshops, with the final report including the scenario implications.

Fremantle Ports Container Movement Study

In partnership with Fremantle Port Authority

July 2017–February 2018

In consultation with the Fremantle Ports Project Team, CSCL will address the four key aims of the Container Movement Study by:

  • conducting a quantitative analysis of the movement of shipping containers over a typical two-week period throughout their supply chain
  • integrating data into a format that allows ease of analysis and ready comparison with previous data and studies
  • using the analysis to complete a report to show findings from the current study and comparison to the results from the 2011/12 study
  • providing concrete support to the knowledge of all aspects of the container transport at the Port of Fremantle to assist in infrastructure planning and operational efficiency.

Analysis of Geelong Port complementary supply chain opportunities

In partnership with Geelong Port

May 2017–July 2017

CSCL identified and analysed the supply chain contestability of Geelong Port.

After-hours goods delivery pilots

In partnership with Municipal Association of Victoria

February 2017–December 2017

In consultation with pilot participants (councils, retailers, logistics service providers), CSCL is preparing and developing the framework for research pilots to demonstrate future practice in after-hours goods delivery to retail stores.

A second container port for Melbourne? Build it in the west for 2036

In partnership with Avalon Airport Australia

February 2017–May 2017

CSCL was engaged by Avalon Airport Australia to develop an independent technical report regarding Victoria’s second alternative container port for submission to Infrastructure Victoria. The report evaluated the need, timing and location of the second port.

Read the completed report

Peer review of assessment methodology for Melbourne’s second port

In partnership with Infrastructure Victoria

February 2017

CSCL was engaged by Infrastructure Victoria to conduct a peer review of the assessment methodology for the second container port advice in February 2017. We provided our expertise to improve IV decision framework and criteria so that important review findings could be implemented by IV given the scope of CSCLs strategic assessment.

Australian Pallet Survey 2017

August 2017

The pallet is viewed as a necessary piece of equipment with little intrinsic value in relation to the product supply chain. Despite the indication that companies have incurred significant costs through their inability to control and manage pallet usage, they view the device as “a necessary evil” rather than part of the value chain of the product. This view may be challenged if the trends in pallets identified in this report continue.

Read the completed report


Central to our mission, education allows us to improve the capabilities of existing and new supply chain professionals, who will then go back to the community, industry and government to help them make better supply chain and logistics decisions. CSCL currently offers a doctoral education program.

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Industry Advisory Board

Our high-profile Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is made up of members with a strong local, regional and international business presence. It provides ongoing support and guidance to our research programs and strategic direction of the centre.

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Our team

Dr Hermione Parsons

Deputy Director
Michael Smith

Academic Supervisor
James Sillitoe

Research Fellows

Senior Research Fellow
Dr Roberto Perez-Franco
Research Fellow
Dr Don Gunasekera
Research Fellow
Rose Elphick Darling


Industry Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategist
Adam Voak
Industry Researcher; Maritime Logistics
Peter Van Duijn
Research Assistant
Vadim Shterner


Senior Administrative Officer 
Joe Monitto
Wayfinder Program Coordinator
Caitlin Whyte
Project Support
Jennifer Jones
Marketing and Communications Officer
Tyler McPherson

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