Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment puts great emphasis on excellence in its teaching and learning, research and research training, community engagement and staff empowerment.

We're involved in national and international activities, and take pride in the partnerships we've formed with industry, community, government and the professions.

Our focus

We aim to prepare graduates for the careers of the future. We do this by harnessing emerging technologies to facilitate borderless, personalised education and by conducting research that informs our teaching programs and impacts the communities we serve.

We're committed to extending the boundaries of science, technology and design through close relationships with professional associations, other education providers, industry and government across Australia and internationally.

We actively foster partnerships with relevant organisations, like-minded universities and our alumni. This engagement helps to improve our graduate outcomes and globally relevant research.

Study with us

Our undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees are informed by the innovative research we conduct and advised by industry who help shape our teaching and learning programs to make them relevant, both locally and globally. 

Studying in one of our wide range of study areas not only provides you with an unparalleled understanding of that field, but also equips you with a broad, transferable skillset. You'll emerge ready to make a significant contribution in your industry of choice and the communities we live in.

Study architecture and built environment with us

Using technology, art and design philosophy, students at the School of Architecture and Built Environment can turn imagination into reality. Make the most of the cutting-edge facilities in our studio and workshop, learn from our extensive research and create something tangible that has the power to change structures, landscapes and lives.

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Study engineering with us

Make your mark in the world by designing, constructing or managing projects that are responsive to contemporary needs. Studying engineering and design allows you to access our state-of-the-art facilities, work with prototypes and bring your imagination to life, while helping to find the answers to current and future engineering questions.

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Study information technology with us

Studying with the School of Information Technology prepares you with the knowledge and skills to understand and contribute in any of the areas that capture your interest. We can offer you courses that are informed by industry professionals and opportunities to gain practical experience before you graduate.

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Study life and environmental sciences with us

Study opportunities and experiences

Gain credit towards your degree by studying abroad, or get industry-specific experience through one of our work placement or internship programs. 

Get involved in our peer mentoring, or volunteer. You'll be able to learn more about yourself while you make a difference to the world and prepare yourself for your career.

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School of Architecture and Built Environment

Our School of Architecture and Built Environment offers a range of courses enabling students to contribute to the creation of beautiful, meaningful and sustainable environments to enhance our lives. 

These courses are supported by our extensive research programs responding to both local and global needs, and through our partnerships and unique, inspiring facilities.

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School of Engineering

Our School of Engineering has redefined engineering education in Australia. It's taken the existing learning model and shifted to a design-based approach through our Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET). 

Our industry collaboration, partnerships and wide range of research all work towards producing well-rounded engineers of the future.

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School of Information Technology

Our School of Information Technology offers a broad range of first-rate, industry-informed courses that give students the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference.

These are supported through our active research groups, centres and partnerships, which produce globally-capable information technology graduates of the future.

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School of Life and Environmental Sciences

The School of Life and Environmental Sciences explores all aspects of the world’s development, whether it’s social, economic or environmental. 

Our teaching is directly informed by our research program, industry connections and partners. Our research is driven by the need to make a difference and to find solutions to real-world problems, now and in the future.

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Our research

Our vision is to do research that broadens our impact and is focussed on issues that affect our surrounding environment. The kind of research that recognises the challenges society faces right now and finds innovative ways to progressively deal with it and truly build tomorrow.

We’re proud of the contribution that our research can – and does – make to people’s lives, on a local, national and international level. 

What we learn through research also strengthens the quality of the teaching and learning experiences our students enjoy.

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Industry partnerships

We have a strong research reputation underpinned by our excellent national and international industry links and partnerships. Our researchers actively engage with businesses, government and community groups, and collaborate to discover innovative and impactful solutions to current social, economic, technical and environmental challenges.

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Faculty staff

The faculty office is a central grouping of staff within SEBE. It's arranged into eight functional teams that support the academic and administrative efforts of the executive, the four schools and the faculty’s research centres.

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