Education allows us to improve the capabilities of existing and new supply chain professionals.

We hope they will then go back to the community, industry and government to help them make better supply chain and logistics decisions.

Doctor of Philosophy program

CSCL offers a specialist logistics and supply chain Doctor of Philosophy program built around Deakin’s new PhD Xtra program. Deakin’s PhD Xtra gives students the flexibility to tailor their learning plan to their individual interests. It also offers the opportunity to undertake a career pathway placement, which can be a valuable learning experience and provides access to relevant practical knowledge.

Doctoral students will be directly involved in research projects with industry sponsors. Opportunities for full or partial industry scholarships are currently being explored.

The PhD program is available in various specialisations including, but not limited to:

  • international trade and freight logistics
  • food and agribusiness
  • supply chain strategy.

Learn from leaders in the field

As a research student with CSCL, you can receive guidance from our world-class academic staff. They will equip you with systematic and critical analytical skills to solve the complex challenges of the future. Our graduates are prepared for careers in academic, industry and public policy institutions.

How to apply

  1. Please assemble your research proposal – a description of your intended project for our information.
  2. When you are satisfied with your proposal, send your documents to the Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics. Also include a copy of your resume, qualifications and IELTS score.

If there is anything else we can assist with your application for admission, please let us know. We also recommend that you read the information on the following pages.

Contact us

We're here to help. For further information about the application process, please email us.