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Be safe with drugs and alcohol

Drug use in society

The use for drugs in our lives are many and varied. They may be used as medicines, for improving performance, for relaxation, or for having fun. Used as medicine they can have a positive impact on our body and mind when we are sick.  Recreational alcohol and drug use has become culturally embedded in our social world. Many people enjoy a drink of alcohol when they are with family and friends. Some people take drugs or alcohol as a way of coping with stress in their life, and some use drugs frequently as they are addicted to them.  

Drug use and your life

Drugs can dramatically affect your thoughts and behaviour.  Under the influence of drugs or alcohol your memory, concentration, and critical thinking are all affected. If you are finding that your drug or alcohol use is too frequent and you are struggling under their influence to manage your life, this may mean you have a problem with drug or alcohol use. We recommend you speak to a counsellor.

Quick tips

  1. Be honest with yourself about your drug or alcohol use.
  2. Get someone, perhaps a counsellor, to help you stop using drugs or alcohol.
  3. Keep trying to quit, it may take several goes before you give up completely.

Taking it further

  • The Australian Drug Foundation - If you wish to know more about drugs and their effects on you, you can read more about them at The Australian Drug Foundation.

Getting help

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