The following is a list of frequently asked questions and answers for commencing international students.

How do I apply for my student visa?

Once you have accepted your offer at Deakin, you will be issued with a CoE. This document is very important and you cannot apply for your student visa until you have received your CoE.

When you have your CoE, you can begin the visa application process.

Details about how to apply for your student visa can be found on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's website.

What is an indicative fee?

An indicative fee is an estimated fee which is based on a full time enrolment (4 credit points) in a given study period.

The indicative fee on your letter of offer is not necessarily the actual amount you will be required to pay. It is an estimate only.

The actual amount you will be required to pay will depend on a number of factors and will only be finally determined after you enrol. These factors include how many units you enrol into and exactly what units you enrol in. Not all units attract the same fee and some units are more expensive than others. Taking elective units from another faculty, for example, may result in a different fee calculation which may not be the same as the indicative fee on your offer letter. Depending on your enrolment, your actual fee may be higher or lower than the indicative fee.

Is orientation compulsory?

The face-to-face orientation sessions are not compulsory, but we strongly recommend that you make every effort to attend. The orientation sessions are designed to help ensure your success as a student in Australia.

At the orientation session, you will get to meet key staff such as the International Student Advisers and other Deakin service providers. You get to learn about the services available to you and get to meet your classmates. You will also learn important information about life in Australia and the Australian culture.

All commencing international students MUST complete the compulsory online induction by the end of week 9 of their first trimester. Details about how to access this program as well as instructions about how to do it will be sent to you in week 3 of your first trimester.

Must I attend the Faculty enrolment and information sessions?

Yes. It is very important that you attend these sessions. If you do not attend your enrolment session on the scheduled date, you may not be allowed to enrol. If you are unable to arrive in Australia by the enrolment date, you must apply for a late enrolment. Late enrolment is not guaranteed and most Faculties have very strict timelines. This is to ensure that you have the best chance of success in your studies.

How do I apply for a late enrolment?

Late enrolment is only permitted in exceptional circumstances. It is usually only allowed when there is a delay with your visa and you are able to prove that you lodged your visa application in a timely manner. Late enrolment will not be permitted because you are on holiday or because you want to spend more time with your family before you arrive.

All new students are expected to arrive in Australia and attend the Faculty enrolment sessions.

If you have compelling circumstances that make it impossible for you to arrive on time, you must contact Deakin International Admissions and request a late enrolment in writing. Your request must include your full name, Student ID number (you will find this on your offer letter) and the reason you are requesting a late enrolment. You will also be required to provide evidence of your arrival date in Australia when you apply.

Can I work in Australia?

Condition 8105 of your student visa allows you to work up to 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session. No work limits apply during recognised University holiday periods.

You cannot start any work in Australia until you have started your course.

You should check your visa label of your e-visa document to see if you have condition 8105 listed. If not, you should contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to check your work rights.

(Higher Degree by Research  (Masters by Research and PhD) students who hold a subclass 574 visa have no restrictions on the number of hours they work once they have started their course in Australia.)

How will Deakin communicate with me?

Deakin will use the email address that you provided in your application to communicate with you before you arrive in Australia and enrol. It is very important that you write your email address clearly to make sure that you don't miss any important information. Please also remember to check your email regularly to see if you have received anything from Deakin.

After you arrive in Australia and enrol at Deakin, we will no longer communicate with you on your personal email address. All enrolled students will have a Deakin email address and we will only communicate with you at that address after you enrol. It is very important that you check your Deakin email account daily to ensure that you don't miss important information.

How do I defer my study?

In some cases, students are unable to arrive in time to commence their course. This may be due to a number of reasons such as delayed visa processing or personal matters. We understand that this may cause you some anxiety and frustration, but there is no need to worry - you can defer your commencement to the next available intake.

If you need to defer your commencement, you should contact Deakin International Admissions to request a deferral in writing. Your request must include your full name, student ID number, the year/intake (trimester) that you want to defer to and the reason for the deferral. Before applying for a deferral, it is important to ensure that your course is available in your preferred intake. (Some courses are not available every trimester).

To check course availability, please search for your course and read the course summary. Make sure you select the "international student" radio button when searching for your course. The course summary will tell you when the next available intake will commence.

Students can apply for deferral for up to one academic year. In some circumstances, applicants will be required to provide a reason for deferment and evidence of activity during the period of deferment.

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