Student concerns and complaints

This information is for student concerns and complaints. General enquiries and feedback should be directed to Enquire Deakin.

We hope that you will find your experience at Deakin to be enjoyable and rewarding. If something does go wrong, please tell us! We will do our best to address the problem and to improve the services we provide.

  1. Check the relevant information and processes

Assessment matters are normally dealt with under the Assessment (Higher Education courses) policy and procedure, rather than the Student Complaints Resolution policy and procedure. Visit the Assessment website for more information.

For other matters, your unit guide is a good starting point or refer to Student Concerns or complaints.

  1. Consider talking to the person or area causing you concern

Sometimes explaining your perspective or providing constructive feedback is all that is needed.

  1. Seek assistance

If you feel threatened or unsafe, or you're concerned about another student's behaviour, contact Safer Community for advice. 

Allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation, or of bullying (including cyber-bullying) should be discussed in the first instance with a Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officer, or the Head of School or Senior Manager.

For other matters, one of the following may be able to help you resolve your concern informally:

Points of contact

Faculties and Schools

Area Person Email Phone

Faculty of Arts and Education

  Sally Collins
Carolyn Schofield 9244 3046
5227 2268

Faculty of Business and Law

Burwood Michelle Brockbank 9244 3859
Burwood undergraduate Vikram Walia 9251 7285
Burwood postgraduate Pam Horlor 9244 5041
Geelong Jo Wilson 5227 2505
Warrnambool Martin O'Brien 5563 3517
Higher Degree by Research Bronwyn Kelly 5227 2442

Faculty of Health

School of Medicine Simon Callahan 5227 2950
School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Elissa Turnbull 9244 6797
School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Ian Seet 9251 7320
School of Nursing and Midwifery Jennie Landrigan 9244 6986
School of Nursing and Midwifery Michelle Smith 9244 6604
School of Psychology Shaun Brown 9244 6852
School of Psychology Maria Muthiah 9244 6843
School of Health and Social Development Julie Melican 5227 2356
School of Health and Social Development Karen Henderson 924 43737
Health Student and Academic Services Melinda Thomas 925 17115

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Primary DCC Jenny Neumann 522 72119
Alternate DCC Coordinator Jan Mackenzie 925 17462
Warrnambool Janet Keith 556 33327
Geelong Waurn Ponds Rohan Boyd 522 71374
Geelong Waterfront Carole Hardiman 522 78374
Melbourne Burwood Vincent Kavenagh 925 17451

Institute of Koorie Education

  Brian Martin 522 72669

International Student Issues

Administrative complaints re: admissions Ping Khoo 924 45211
Inbound and outbound exchange students Ursula Lorentzen 522 78047
CoE reporting John Crowder 924 45091

Administration and Services

Issue First check the relevant information below For informal advice and assistance, contact:
Accommodation Email:

Further contact details

Admission Apply website Cathy Gutierrez
Ph: 5227 3385
Building maintenance   Jonathan Parkinson
Ph: 522 71315
Cashier Cashier Email:
Eliza Riding
Ph: 924 43932
Cleaning   Jonathan Parkinson
Ph: 522 71315
CloudDeakin Help with CloudDeakin

Emily Partington
Ph: 522 78223

Di Baxter
Ph: 522 78557

Customer Service Deakin Central Customer Service:

Jodie Aanensen
Ph: 924 68106

Dates and deadlines Customer Service:
Deakin Card Deakin Card
Enrolment and re-enrolment processes New students:

Continuing students:


HDR students are re-enrolled automatically

Customer Service:

Your faculty course adviser or enrolment officer

Cathy Gutierrez
Ph: 522 73385

Enrolment amendments (changing your units or course) Customer Service:

Deakin Central

International Students:

Environment   Sandra Mussett
Ph: 522 78513
Examinations Assessments website Ross Hagland
Ph: 9246 8108
Facilities Maintenance requests To report maintenance issues:

For potential danger, call Security 1800 062 579.

In an emergency, call 000 (add a zero if calling from an internal phone), then call Security.

Fees, finances and refunds Email:

Linda Gasparini
Ph: 522 73230

Food services   Sandra Mussett
Ph: 522 78513
Grounds maintenance   Jonathan Parkinson
Ph: 522 71315
Governance (committees)   Rachel Haynes
Ph: 5227 8913
Information Technology IT support


  • Melbourne Burwood 03 9244 6400
  • Geelong: 03 5227 2400
  • Warrnambool: 03 5563 3400
  • Interstate: 1800 721 720

Debbie Louttit
Ph: 52278805

Learning Services   Emily Partington
Ph: 522 78223

Di Baxter
Ph: 522 78557



Melbourne Burwood - Kim Phu
Ph: 925 17017

Geelong Waurn Ponds - Fiona Russell
Ph: 522 72713

Geelong Waterfront - Bernie Lingham
Ph: 522 78246

Warrnambool - Vanessa Bourne
Ph: 556 33494

Marketing Marketing Division Andrea Turley
Ph: 924 68103
Parking Parking information, fees and infringement notices

Sandra Mussett
Ph: 522 78513

Residences Student residences Gail Atkinson
Ph: 522 73459
Research Services Research website Joe Graffam

Ph: 522 73113

Scholarships Email:

Linda Gasparini
Email: linda.gasparini
Ph: 522 73230
Security Security


  • Melbourne Burwood 03 9244 6222
  • Geelong Waurn Ponds: 03 5227 2222
  • Geelong Waterfront: 03 5227 8222
  • Warrnambool: 03 5563 3222
  • Freecall:1800 062 579

Sandra Mussett
Ph: 522 78513

Student Administration   Ross Hagland - Assessment and Result issues
Ph:  924 46005

Rebecca Bone - Graduation issues
Ph: 527 78063

Cathy Gutierrez - Admission and Enrolment issues
Ph: 5227 73385

Linda Gasparini - Fee and scholarship issues
Ph: 522 73230

Jodie Aanensen - Customer Service issues
Ph: 924 68106

Student Life Student Life Gail Atkinson
Ph: 522 73459
Study overseas Study overseas Email:

Ursula Lorentzen
Ph: 522 78047
Support services Phone: (Ask for Student Life)
  • Melbourne 03 9244 6300
  • Geelong Waurn Ponds 03 5227 1221
  • Geelong Waterfront: 03 5227 8400
  • Warrnambool: 03 5563 3256
  • Email:

International Student Advisers

Designated Complaints Contact for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students: Gail Atkinson
Ph: 522 73459

Designated Complaints Contact for HDR students: Joe Graffam
Ph: 522 73113
Visa issues John Crowder
Ph: 9244 5091

  1. Lodge a complaint form

Lodge a Complaint Form in accordance with the Student Complaints Resolution policy and procedure if the matter is still not resolved or you would like us to investigate it formally.

The Student concerns or complaints information page provides links to other webpages, references and contacts, to help you prepare your complaint.

  1. Appeal

If you're not happy with the way the University handles your complaint, you may be able to appeal the outcome internally. You can also seek an external review of final University decisions by the Victorian Ombudsman.

For further advice, or to provide feedback or suggestions, please email

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