Other types of application

Find out how to study units at Deakin, study units at another University or apply for readmission to a course you used to be in

Apply for cross-institutional study

If you are currently studying and you want your units recognised on your student record you need to apply for cross-institutional study:

  • If you are currently studying at Deakin and wish to study one or more units at another university within Australia
  • If you are studying at another Australian university and wish to study one or more units at Deakin.

Apply for a single unit

  • A single unit (subject) that does not lead to a degree, but may be used as a pathway to enter a degree or for gaining knowledge of a specific area without studying for an entire degree.

Apply for Study Abroad and/or Exchange

 Apply for readmission

  • If you have enrolled in a degree in the past (you may or may not have completed any units) you can apply for readmission.
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