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Thanks for getting in touch about Deakin's Scholarship Application Portal. The portal is used to apply for most scholarships. Many of the most common questions people have about it are answered below.

If your question isn't below, please get in touch using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Common questions

What do I use the application portal for?

Scholarship applications

You can apply for most scholarships through the Scholarship Application Portal.

Scholarship applications vary in availability. To see which scholarship applications are available at any point in time, use the Find a scholarship tool.

Course and single-unit applications

How do I start an application?

Upon entering the application portal for the first time, you'll need to register or enter your applicant ID and password.

If you're starting an application, the next step is to select the 'apply' tab. You then need to indicate if you are applying for a scholarship. Then simply work through the questions.

How do I know if my application has been submitted?

You should receive an email acknowledging that your application has been submitted within a few minutes of submitting it. Check your spam folders if you can’t find it in your inbox.

You can also log back into the Scholarship Application Portal and select ‘Your Applications’. Then, select on the ‘Submitted Applications’ heading and you’ll see the list of any course and scholarship applications you've submitted.

Any applications that haven’t yet been submitted can also be seen here.

How do I save my application?

Your responses to questions are saved each time you progress from one page to the next when inside the Scholarship Application Portal.

If you need to revisit an application, just select 'Your Applications', then select the application from the list. Only non-submitted applications can be amended.

Why do I have so many non-submitted applications?

Each time you open a session in the Scholarship Application Portal but don't submit it, the system saves that entry.

You should select the application from the non-submitted application list and complete or amend one, rather than starting a new one. Non-submitted applications are periodically removed from the system when the application period has closed.

Can I review or edit my answers?

Yes – up until the point where you submit your application, you can edit your answers.

I’m having trouble registering for an account

If you’ve used your email address before, the Scholarship Application Portal remembers you. Call us on the numbers at the bottom of this page and we can confirm your applicant ID number so you can reset your password.

I’ve forgotten my password

On the login page of the Scholarship Application Portal, select link ‘Forgot your username or password?’ and follow the instructions.

I’ve applied previously using a different email address or personal details - can I update this?

Yes, just call us on the numbers at the bottom of this page and we can update your details.

Alternatively, you can register again with a new email, and we'll match your application records once you submit an application.

Supporting documents

Do I need supporting documents for a scholarship application?

Yes. Learn more about what you'll need to supply at Deakin's scholarship supporting document page.

How do I upload documents?

Using a desktop to upload documents is recommended - using a mobile device may cause issues.

When you're logged into the Scholarship Application Portal, select the ‘Upload documents’ button. Select a document type from the list, then select 'choose file' to browse for your files. Select 'Upload files' to attach the file.

Does it matter what document type I select?

Yes, please choose the option that accurately reflects the document you're uploading. This helps with the consideration of your application and identifying if any further documents are required.

I studied at Deakin, so do I need to supply an academic transcript?

No, if you studied at Deakin and supplied your student ID number, we'll be able to match your application and academic history from our records.

What document sizes can be uploaded?

Most files need to be less than 2MB to upload. Some may allow up to 10MB, but please check the 'Upload documents' step in the portal for details.

What format should the documents be in?

Deakin University prefers submission of PDF documents (.pdf). If you upload any other file types, the application process may be delayed as we may request you resubmit your documents.

If your documents are too big you could try to decrease their size by using an online file compression site.

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