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Ready to apply for a scholarship? Be across the supporting documents you need to be successful in your application. Check what documents are needed on the scholarship page and cross check with this page.

What supporting documents will you need?

The documents you need vary depending on your personal circumstances and the scholarship you’re applying for. Make sure to keep this page open as you prepare your application. You can also download our supporting document examples as a guide.

Download supporting document examples (PDF, 3.2MB)

Financial hardship scholarship documents

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please provide proof to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to be considered for a scholarship on this basis. Here are the types of supporting documents that you can submit. Remember, we can’t accept payslips, tax documents, bank statements or bills.

Receiving a means-tested Centrelink benefit?

You need to provide a recent Centrelink income statement*, which you can download from your Centrelink online account. The statement must be in your name, indicate the benefit you receive, and confirm your payment amount and date.

Self-supporting with an income below $56,000?

You need to provide a statutory declaration. In the form declare your income for the last financial year and provide an estimate of your income for the current financial year.

Supported by your family with a combined income of $56,000?

You need to provide a statutory declaration. In the form, list the names of those who provide your financial support, declare your combined income for the last financial year, and provide a combined estimate of your income and those who support you for the current financial year.

Disability or medical hardship documents

If you've told us about a disability or medical condition in your application, you need to provide:

  • a letter from your doctor that indicates the level of impact your disability or medical condition has had/will have on your studies
  • a Learning Access Plan that specifies your condition and its impact on your ability to study.

Generic medical documents, such as prescription, hospital admission forms, special consideration forms and test results are not accepted.

Personal, social, geographic hardship documents

Supporting documentation is generally not required for other areas of hardship, such as personal, social or geographic. However, if you choose to provide a statement of support it must:

  • be written by a lawyer/solicitor, accountant, religious or community leader, school principal or teacher who is qualified to comment on your circumstances
  • be as specific as possible about what you’re experiencing and the impact on your studies
  • contain an original signature, organisational letterhead (if applicable) and be in PDF format.

When is the document upload deadline?

The due date for supporting documents is the same as the scholarship closing date. Put your best foot forward by submitting your documentation before the closing date, otherwise we can’t consider your application.

Applying for a scholarship that recognises achievements?

If you have participated in community, volunteer or leadership activities, or elite sports, please provide evidence of your achievements.

Leadership activities and volunteering

You should provide a certificate of participation or a letter of support by a nominee of the organisation, school or program. The document must confirm your level of involvement and be authored by someone in a position of responsibility in the organisation.

Elite sporting activities

Ask for a letter from a senior member of your sporting club or organisation confirming your achievements. The letter should contain an original signature and be on an organisational letterhead, if applicable.

Stand out with a referee statement

Stand out with a referee statement

Your referee can be an employer, a member of a school, organisation or community program, or a person you know. Referees can’t be family or friends. The statement should confirm your personal attributes, academic potential or professional contributions. Remember to get your referee's original signature, use an organisational letterhead (if applicable) and make it PDF format.

How to apply

Discover our top tips for making a strong application for the best chance of securing a scholarship.

How to upload your documents

Depending on the type of scholarship, you can apply via email, forms, VTAC or our scholarship application portal. Make sure to check the how to apply details on each individual scholarship page for instructions on submitting your documentation.

Applying via Deakin’s scholarship application portal?

Follow these simple steps to submit your supporting documents:

  1. login to the scholarship application portal
  2. select the ‘Upload documents’ tab at the top of the screen
  3. select the correct ‘Document type’ so they can be considered
  4. choose file and hit the pink upload file button
  5. repeat for all your documents.


*Family Tax Benefit statements are not acceptable as this benefit is based on estimated taxable income and not actual taxable income.

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