Water use

Water is critical to society. Its economic value has gained significance since the millennium drought. Global demand for food is anticipated to double by 2050, and agriculture will need to drive this growth using less water, energy, and other inputs per unit of production. 

CeRRF’s program drives efficiencies in water use and looks to improve all aspects of water management in regional and rural areas.

Project aim

To maximise the economic value and ensure high value use of our limited water resources in regional and rural communities.

Project examples

Improving water and nutrient management to enable double cropping in the rice lowlands of Cambodia and Laos

This project assists farmers in Cambodia and Laos to maximise productivity in their rice farming systems through efficient use of water and nutrients.

Benchmarking water use efficiency and crop productivity in the Australian cotton industry

This project benchmarks water used in cotton crops on a production unit basis, with a view to maximising water use efficiency and crop yield.