Faculty Research

Research within the faculty seeks to broaden our impact, partnerships, innovation and ensure that what we do is focussed on issues that reflect our surrounding environment.

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment is deeply committed to research partnerships both within the university as well as with colleagues in other universities, industry and in government. Our research aims to strengthen the evidence base of learning, infusing innvation and ideas into our teaching and making a difference to the communities we serve.

Research within the schools

Our research is conducted within each of our four schools. To find out more about research themes, our researchers, projects and general information, please visit a school:

Information for research students

Find information about completing a research degree within the faculty as well as resources, information and support for current students.

Research news

Birds of a smelly feather stick together
Crimson rosellas sniff out their own species by the odour left over from smelly feathers.

More laurels for 'Dr Seagrass'
Prestigious Victoria Fellowship for marine ecologist Peter Macreadie.

Study finds little penguins work together to target prey
Research finds little penguins more likely to forage for food in groups, working together to target prey.

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