Change your enrolment details

Ensure your enrolment details - including name, address and units - are up to date. Here are some ways to maintain it.

Your enrolment record responsibility

You are responsible for ensuring that your enrolment is correct in every detail. You must make changes to enrolment by the relevant dates. Late changes may result in academic and/or financial penalties.

Incorrect information

You can maintain many aspects of your enrolment through StudentConnect. Information about how to do this can be found in the tabs below. If you find some aspect of your details to be incorrect and you can't amend them yourself, please contact Student Central.

Do enrolment changes affect your funding, scholarship or visa?

If you receive any kind of Commonwealth financial assistance or a scholarship, check whether the changes to your enrolment will affect your eligibility for the scholarship or Youth Allowance before changing your enrolment.

You must also ensure that fee and University deadlines are met (refer to Key dates).

If you are an international student, check if the change will breach the terms of your student visa.

Change your details

Your personal details

Change to your preferred name

You can change your preferred name at anytime in StudentConnect.  If your name does not appear as you would like in DeakinSync, StudentConnect and Cloud Deakin, this can be fixed by changing your preferred name. Include your preferred given name not your family name.

The option to change is under Enrol in unit/course in the left hand menu. Follow the 'Steps' until you get to Step 2ii.

Change to your legal name

If you change your name you must email Student Admissions and Enrolments to notify them and attach certified documentation to support the name change. Acceptable forms of evidence are:

  • Birth certificate with change of name details
  • Citizenship certificate with change of name details
  • Change of name certificate
  • Deed poll document
  • Married or registered relationship certificate (issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages)
  • Divorce decree/revocation of registered relationship or death certificate of spouse or adult partner of a registered relationship
  • Court order directing child's change of name

Please note that the marriage certificate issued on the day of the wedding, known as a commemorative certificate, is not sufficient. The marriage certificate must be issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Alternatively, you can take your original documents to Student Central where they will copy them and send them to Student Admissions and Enrolments for you.

Please note your username and Deakin email address will remain the same and are unfortunately unable to be changed.

Update your gender

Current Deakin students can update their gender by completing our online form

If you are a past Deakin student and wish to update your gender with Deakin, you can email Student Admissions and Enrolments with information on the gender you would have been registered with, and how you identify now.

You will receive an email confirmation within 5 working days.

Change personal details

If you have any other personal details that are not correct, please present any documents to either Student Central or

Your address

Changing your address

If you move house, you should change your address details online in StudentConnect within seven days. For international students this is a requirement of your student visa and failure to do so may even result in visa cancellation.

It is possible to have two addresses:

  • your postal address (so where your mail is sent) 
  • your home address (so where you live when not studying). 

Deakin University cannot accept responsibility for problems that occur as a consequence of incorrect or inadequate address information having been provided.

Cloud campus -  change to exam location

If you are studying a Cloud campus unit, you should also amend your nominated examination location if it is affected by your move to a new address.

Add, drop or change units

Course advice

You should always seek advice from a faculty course adviser  before making any changes to your enrolment. Enrolment variations must adhere to the course and unit rules for your course.

If you have any difficulty changing your enrolment online then you should seek advice from a faculty course advisor and  submit an Enrolment Variation form (PDF, 141.4 KB) to them.

Where to add, drop or change units

If you want to change your enrolment in any trimester of study, vary your enrolment online in StudentConnect. You will be given a new receipt number each time you vary your enrolment.

Dates to change units by

It is important that you are aware of the dates for adding and deleting units for each trimester.  These dates effect the result for the unit and if fees are payable. You should check Key dates for your study period to see when the last day to withdraw or add units is, and how withdrawal dates and penalties may affect your fees and your Academic Transcript.

If you withdraw early from a unit with a status of WE, this unit does not appear on your Academic Transcript.

How this changes your fees

If you vary your enrolment, your tuition fees and the Student Services and Amenities Fee (if applicable) may be reassessed. You can check your fees in StudentConnect. In special circumstances, you can apply for a remission of debt if you withdraw from units after the census dates. View refunds and remission for domestic students

Study abroad and exchange students

Changing units is a little different depending on whether you are an outbound or inbound exchange student.

Outbound students

If you are currently on exchange at one of Deakin's partner universities, and wish to alter your enrolment, you will need to contact your faculty office. Please bear in mind that you must notify Deakin and the host institution in writing within the appropriate timeframes for both institutions and complete another enrolment form. Failure to do so may result in financial liability and/or a grade failure.

Inbound exchange students

To change units you will need to ensure that you have approval from your home university. Please ensure you have understood the deadlines for varying your enrolment at both institutions. Please contact your faculty office to ensure you are able to enrol in your chosen units.

Make a course change

Course changes

You may wish to change some of your courses details:

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