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Approved and refused flexible work arrangements

Approved flexible work arrangements

If your request is approved, the formal response from your supervisor should include:

  • agreed changes to your work arrangements;
  • commencement date and length of the arrangement;
  • a trial period for the arrangements (if applicable);
  • review process including regular meetings to discuss how the arrangements are working for you and the University; and
  • any steps which aim to include you in workplace communications, consultation processes, social activities and (as far as possible) attendance at relevant training or staff meetings.

Details of the approved arrangements should also be provided to the Human Resources Division (if relevant) by completing the relevant form and submitting it to your HR Adviser.

Refused flexible work arrangements

A supervisor can refuse requests for flexible work arrangements based on "reasonable business grounds".

Reasonable business grounds may include the effect that approving the request has on the work area and/or University business, including:

  • financial impact and impact on efficiency, productivity and customer service;
  • inability to organise work among existing staff; and
  • inability to recruit a replacement staff member or difficulty in accommodating the staff member's request.

If the request is refused, the response should include details of the reasons for the refusal. If you are not satisfied with the response, you may appeal the outcome of your request to the head of your area.

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