Administrative divisions

Our administrative divisions ensure the smooth operation and governance of the University. They encompass a broad range of areas − from student support, marketing and finance to infrastructure and policy.

Campus Services

From security, transport and parking to the maintenance of our world-class campuses – we deliver innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to drive the day-to-day operation of the University.

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Deakin Advancement

Supporting the University’s vision to be a catalyst for positive change, we build Deakin's presence within the local and broader community through event management, media, alumni and donor relations.

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Deakin eSolutions

As leaders in technology, we collaborate with students, staff and members of the broader University community to produce intelligent, future-focused solutions.

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Deakin International

Through our extensive international networks and partnerships, we enable students from around the world to study at Deakin. Our local support team ensures a smooth transition for our international students and focuses on nurturing their success.

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Deakin Learning Futures

Our primary focus is providing teaching support to deliver premium educational experiences and the best possible learning environment.

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Deakin Research

We support and develop Deakin’s research capacity, breadth and depth by growing our network of leading academic supervisors and recruiting the best research candidates. We focus on five key themes: improving health and wellbeing, designing smarter technologies, enabling a sustainable world, advancing society and culture and building safe and secure communities.

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Division of Student Administration

We are responsible for applications, enrolment, assessment, fees and graduation. We focus on delivering exceptional customer service for a seamless and enjoyable university experience.

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Division of Student Life

Our purpose is to enable success for all students and staff. We aim to achieve this through our broad range of specialised health and wellbeing services, social and cultural resources and first-class sports and recreation facilities.

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Deakin Residential Services

Our purpose is to sustainably deliver an innovative and outstanding student accommodation experience.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We're proud of Deakin’s culture and continue to nurture its development as one that values diversity, enables access and promotes inclusion. We provide disability support services, programs to help all students access university, and work to improve diversity and inclusion policy and practice within the University community.

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Infrastructure and Property Group

We deliver an outstanding environment for education and research through strategic campus planning, innovative building projects and maintaining existing infrastructure.

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Our primary responsibility is to provide financial and business leadership to the University. This includes corporate finance, financial resource management, commercial investments and insurance programs for our students and staff.

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We support corporate and academic governance by providing advice and services for the Academic Board, Council and its committees, and University Appeals.

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Graduate Employment

Graduate Employment harnesses digital technologies to offer personalised career education through DeakinTALENT and Deakin's careers and employment services

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Human Resources

Our responsibilities include workplace relations, organisational development, payroll and recruitment and employment. We work collaboratively with staff to foster a positive and inclusive university culture.

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Information and Records Services

Our primary mission is to support the governance and preservation of records, objects and related information relative to the University's origin, development, achievements and activities.

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Internal Audit

We are an independent function established to improve and add value to the University's operations. We provide assurance to the University Council and management in relation to Deakin's LIVE the Future strategic plan.

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Our first-class libraries are vibrant, innovative and inspiring. We enable a world of opportunity through services and resources such as digital literacy tutorials, ebooks, interlibrary loans, literature reviews and historical collections.

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Operating with a digital-first lens, we drive and manage all marketing channels for the University. This encompasses digital and communication services, brand, student recruitment and market research.

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Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students aims to increase student-centred practices and decisions at Deakin, use student input to inform University policy and procedure, and promote the highest standards of student conduct and academic integrity. The office also coordinates student complaints, student appeals and student conduct allegations.

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Office of General Counsel

We provide legal advice and services to executive, academic and administrative staff on work-related issues and broader legal matters affecting the University.

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Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance provides specialist risk and compliance support, advice and services to the University. We assist in identifying, analysing and managing risks and compliance obligations to provide assurance to the University Council and management that decisions are well informed and meet Deakin’s strategic objectives.

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Strategic Intelligence and Planning

Using institutional research and surveys, business intelligence, and data and analytics we provide timely and accurate information to the University for planning and strategic activity.

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