Early Childhood Education

Members of the Early Childhood Education discipline group are engaged in dialogue and inquiry into a range of aspects, issues and practice in the field of early childhood education.

About the Group

We are all committed to exploring and researching the importance of positive high quality early childhood experiences on children's learning, development and sense of well being. A key focus of the members of this group is professional practice and the professional identity of early childhood educators, for building critically reflective and committed early childhood teachers. The members of this team hold to the ideal that all children and families are entitled to experience an early childhood education that gives them access to rich experiences that build their individual capacity.

A key feature of the work of people in this team is their commitment to establishing strong collaborative partnerships with early childhood educators across the sector, as well as with other professionals working with children and families. This is for the purposes of sustained shared thinking to create professional dialogue that informs policy and practice, at a state level as well as nationally and internationally. Members of the team are involved in a range of projects with in partnerships with government and industry partners as well as colleagues for other universities. They are committed to the view that academic researchers, teacher educators and practising teachers are co-equals in their ownership of the professional knowledge that informs and sustains the profession.

Contact us

The group welcomes enquiries from future HDR candidates, schools and the industry and business sector.

We invite you to contact any of our staff to discuss future collaborations.

HDR supervision

For future HDR supervision 

Research areas of interest are listed in the individual staff profiles and staff welcome enquiries from prospective research students.

Supervision experience

Staff and HDR students have been involved in supervising and undertaking research in a range of projects such as the following research topics or areas:

Topic: Teachers' perceptions of their abilities to be educational leaders in long-day-care settings
Principal Supervisor: A Morrissey

Topic: The visibility of mathematics in preschool environments.
Principal Supervisor: S Groves. Associate Supervisors: A Morrissey and B Doig

Topic: Exploring professional learning through activity theory in early childhood workplaces.
Principal supervisor: D Blake. Associate Supervisors: L Paatsch & A Morrissey.

Topic: Investigating the Use of Maths Language in Early Childhood Settings
(Deakin's 1st Early Childhood PhD Student, granted a Scholarship, selected to go to Manchester)
Principal Supervisor: S Groves. Associate Supervisors: S Ohi & B Doig.

Topic: Developing Professional Learning Strategies for the Teaching of English in the Indonesian Preschool Settings.
Principal Supervisor: A Kostogriz, Associate Supervisors: S Ohi and A. Morrissey.

Topic: Exploring the quality of educator-child relationships on learning outcomes and well being
Principal Supervisor Dr Bonnie Yim

Topic: Children's involvement in dramatic play: An indicator of early childhood program quality
Principal Supervisor Dr Bonnie Yim, Associate Supervisors Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey and Dr Louise Paatch


State-Wide Pilot Professional Mentoring Program for Early Childhood Teachers

Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey; Ms Elizabeth Rouse; Dr Brian Doig; Dr Sarah Ohi; Ms Louise Laskey (Deakin University)
Associate Professor Andrea Nolan; Dr Catherine Hamm; Ms Jan Hunt; Ms Jenny Aitken; Mr John McCartin (Victoria University); Ms Jenni Beahan; Dr Iris Dumenden

Funded by DEECD grant and joint partnership between Deakin University and Victoria University

The Harbour outdoors: How it works for children and educators

Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey, Dr Jill Loughlin, Mr Llewellyn Wishart, Ms Liz Rouse (Deakin University) Ms Michelle Gujer, Ms Samantha Bruno (Gowrie Victoria)

Funded through a grant made available from CREFI


Funded through Skills Victoria and joint partnership with Deakin University, Sunrasia TAFE; South West TAFE and Gippsland TAFE

Deakin University Participation and Partnerships Program - Developing academic literacies in your course curriculum

Ms Louise Laskey; Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey; Dr Janet Moles; Ms Elizabeth Rouse; Mr Llewellyn Wishart; Dr Bonnie Yim; (Early Childhood Discipline Group) and Viola Rosario, Linda Thies (Student Life)

The overall project involves collaboration by academic teams in Faculties and Language and Learning Advisers (LLAs) in Student Life.

The young learners' project: Identifying personalised teaching strategies for early literacy in children in the preschool and the first year of school.

Field Rickards, Margaret Brown, Bridie Raban, Esther Care, Andrea Nolan, Janet Scull, Louise Paatsch, Linda Byrnes, Anne-Marie Morrissey, Jan Deans, Robert Brown, Anna Bortoli, Linda Watson, Pauline Nott, Renata Aliani, Derek Patton, Man Chan

ARC linkage - Australian Scholarships Group and Melbourne University.


Information about Early Childhood Education courses

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

This course has been adapted to meet new national and international standards in early childhood education, and includes a primary teaching component, allowing students to teach children up to age 8 years. Offered in flexible study modes, the course is completed over 4 years, or can be fast-tracked by studying under Deakin's three trimester system, enabling completion in 9 trimesters.

Enrolment in Deakin's Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (E330) is also available to Year 12 applicants.

Course summary for E330 ( includes details of entry requirements, course structure, contacts)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours)

Course summary for E430

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Course summary for E760

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood & Primary)

Course summary for E760

Master of Education

Course summary for E700

Doctor of Philosophy

Course summary for E900

*this course is available as a pathway option for those applicants holding a Diploma of Children's Services or seeking to upgrade from a 3 year Early Childhood teaching qualification
# can be undertaken by research or by course work and minor thesis

Education and Teaching courses

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