Faculty staff

The Faculty of Health has a team of over 50 people, led by Executive Dean Professor Brendan Crotty.

Visit each school to see its staff and you’ll get a good idea of just how big the faculty is. Every staff member has a profile so you can find out more about them.


Executive Dean Faculty of Health
Professor Brendan Crotty

Executive Assistant
Deanna Errey

Deputy Executive Dean and Head of School, Nursing and Midwifery
Alfred Deakin Professor Maxine Duke

Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor Lynn Riddell

Associate Dean, International
Professor David Mellor

Associate Dean, Research
Professor Trish Livingston

Head of School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Alfred Deakin Professor David Crawford

Head of School of Health and Social Development
Professor Catherine Bennett

Dean of School of Medicine
Professor Jon Watson

Head of School of Psychology
Professor Jane McGillivray

Executive Lead
Rebecca Bartel

Functional groups

General Manager team

Faculty General Manager
Alice Di Pasquale 
Manager, Health Safety and Environment
Brendan Henderson
Planning Analyst
Deb Clarke          
Coordinator Human and Physical Resources
Jill Delany
Senior Administrative Officer
Carolyn Schofield
Administrative Assistant
Kate Crawley
Administrative Trainee
Amy Rishworth

Biostatistics Unit

Director, Biostatistics Unit
Dr Liliana Orellana          
Senior Research Fellow, Biostatistics
Dr Mohammadreza Mohebbi          
Senior Research Fellow, Biostatistics
Dr Steve Bowe
Research Fellow
Jonathon O’Hara
Research Fellow, Biostatistics
Helena Romaniuk

Curriculum and Governance

Manager, Academic Governance and Curriculum
Linda Levey          
Administrative Officer, Curriculum
Catherine Martinson
Administration Officer, Governance and Curriculum
Jessica Joldzic


Faculty Finance Manager
Erin Colegate          
Senior Finance Officer
Lorraine Rodricks
Research Accountant
Brendan Foley

Health Academic Development Unit

Educational Developer
Dr Ian Story           
Dionne Holland          
Associate Lecturer, Educational Technology
Jane Acopian          
Digital Education Designer
Kristy Anderson          
Digital Education Designer
Tristan Kirby          
Digital Learning Designer
Elizabeth Marsh
Learning Environments Technical Officer
Naomi Davis
Learning Environments Technical Officer
Ismail Zengin

Health Informatics Unit

Professor of Health Informatics Management
Professor Nilmini Wickramasinghe

Student Experience

Manager, Student Experience
Melinda Thomas          
Peer Coordinator
Emma Smith
Timetable Coordinator
Helen McAllister          
Academic Progress and Integrity Officer
Emilya Umashankar
Academic Progress and Integrity Officer
Ara Delon
Academic Progress Officer
Andrew Story
Academic Progress and Misconduct Coordinator
Alison Musgrove
Senior Student Service Coordinator
Jane Andrews
Senior Student Experience Officer
Jill Sainsbury
Senior Student Experience Officer
Kerry Becchetti
Student Experience Officer
Maria Smith
Student Experience Officer
Laura Day
Administrative Officer, Student Experience
Grace Sinclair
Administrative Officer, Student Experience
Alanah Scott
Administrative Officer, Student Experience
Lisa Resuggan
Administrative Officer, Student Experience
Natalie Petrellis
Administrative Officer, Student Advice
Kate Walter


Manager, Marketing and Communications
Alix Austin 
Marketing Officer, Melbourne Burwood
Renee Chaviaras 
Marketing Officer, Geelong and Warrnambool
Aredi Nozohour
Communications Officer
Lucy Ayers
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Will Kiddle
Marketing Officer, Research
Holly Toyne

Partnerships and International

Manager, Partnerships and International
Izabela Sulek          
International Coordinator
Nadeeka Colley


Manager, Collaborative Programs and Research
Steven Sawyer
Senior Research Administrative Officer
Barbara Lavelle
Administrative Officer
Diane Russack


Technical Projects Manager
Scott Owens          
Technical Project Manager
Ben Letson          
Web Applications Project Manager
Matthew Berends