Human Resources Division

Off-campus University activities

This section places obligations on managers in faculties, including those managers who are academic staff.

Overseas travel

Staff considering overseas travel for University purposes must consult the travel advice on the FBSD website, which refers users to government travel warnings, travel insurance and a risk assessment form, among other things.

Field work

Field work must be assessed for health and safety risks, and the risks addressed, in advance, by the staff member organising the activity. The staff member must review the Fieldwork Preparatory Checklist (29 KB), and complete a Fieldwork Project Safety Plan. The staff member must not proceed with the activity if the risks are significant and the training or experience of the participant(s) is insufficient to deal with them. Before the fieldwork is carried out the (Model) Fieldwork Operational Checklist (37 KB) or the local version must be completed. Further information can be found on the OHS website on field work and placements.

Work placements (including practicums)

Although the other organisation controls the environment for a work placement, the staff member either arranging or approving the work placement is to ascertain whether there are any health and safety risks involved. The staff member is to also ensure that the student or staff member involved has the appropriate skills and that the host organisation has an appropriate health and safety management system. The staff member must review the Work Placement Checklist (30 KB). Before the placement is commenced the (Model) Work Placement Proforma (38 KB) or the local version must be completed and returned to the staff member who has either arranged or approved the placement. Further information can be found on the OHS website on field work and placements.

Work placement will normally be approved by a Faculty staff member.  However in those cases where a student has identified a work placement that falls outside of the usual Faculty approval processes, then the Careers and Employment Service can act as placement approver.  Approval will not be given where a Faculty has refused to support a student because they felt that the student would be put at unreasonable risk by undertaking the placement.

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Work experience

The University is directly responsible for the safety of any person involved in work experience at the University. The work experience person must, as a minimum, be given the same induction as a casual staff member or contractor carrying out the same work. The staff person organising the work experience must ascertain with the person or their placing organisation the work experience person’s skill level. The work experience person must be given a level of supervision that is proportional to their skills, previous confirmed work experience and the risks involved in the work being undertaken. The staff member must review the Work Experience Checklist (27 KB) before the program commences. Further information can be found on the OHS website on field work and placements.

Working from home

If a staff member is given permission to work regularly for more than one day per month, the staff member and manager are to complete the OHS agreement and checklist for staff based at an off-site location.

This will enable the University to ensure that the work site meets OHS standards, and that the staff member working from home is aware of the need to maintain a safe working environment. The completed form is to be reviewed, signed and retained by the manager and a copy given to the staff member. Further information is contained in the Flexible Working Arrangements procedure and Guidelines for making and dealing with requests for flexible working arrangements.

Where any changes to the home working environment are reported by the staff member, the manager is to consider whether these will impact on the health and safety of the staff member and consider whether any negative impact can be addressed or whether the working from home arrangement should cease.

Meetings with third parties such as research collaborators from other Universities should only be conducted on University premises, unless otherwise agreed by the University and the home-based staff member.

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

3rd July 2012