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Mobile SupportedDiscussions allow participants to discuss aspects of the unit with other students and staff teaching the unit.

Access, Read, Post

Access Discussion forums, topics and messages

  1. Click on Collaborate and then on Discussions link in the Site Navbar. A list of Discussions are displayed.
  2. Click the name of the Discussion topic that you want to access.

Note: Depending on the unit design, Discussions topics can also be accessed within the Resources.

New messages are identified in a number of places:

  • On the Site Home page, the Updates widget lists the total number of unread messages for all discussion topics in your unit.
  • On the Discussions List page, the number of unread messages appears in bracket under the Posts column. To see only topics with new messages, click Unread next to Filter by.

Read discussion messages

Note: In this version, there is only one viewing style.

  1. The subject line of unread messages are in bold with an easy-to-scan left border. Counts of unread replies is also displayed.
  2. Click on the subject title to display all replies to the thread, along with the original post.
  3. In this thread view, the full message appears for original post as well as all replies. On the page, it also shows the subject, author, and date for each message. 

Mark a discussion message as read or unread

When you click on a thread, it automatically marks all of its messages as read. In some cases you might also want to manually mark a message as unread - for example, if you open a thread but do not finish reading it. Do one of the following:

  • Select Mark All Posts as Unread from the thread's context menu to mark all posts in the thread as unread.
  • To mark individual posts as unread, click Mark Post as Unread from the context menu of the post.

Post a discussion message

  1. Click the Collaborate and then click on Discussions link on the Site Navbar.
  2. If you are presented with a list of topics, click on the required topic.
  3. To start a new thread, click the Start a New Thread button. Or to reply to a particular thread within a topic, go to the desired thread, then click Reply to Thread button.
  4. Enter the Subject of your message.
  5. Enter your Message.
  6. You can select to unsubscribe to your message.
  7. If you need to attach a file to your message, click Add attachments.
  8. Here you can drag and drop files from your computer into the upload target area. If this function is not available in your browser, click Upload and select the file then click on Open.
  9. Click Post to post the message.

Tip: Type your message in MS Word and then paste the text into the discussion. This saves online time and avoids losing the message if session times out while you are composing the message.

Subscribe, Flag, Search, Print

Subscribe to a discussion forum, topic or message

You can receive email notifications for discussion forums, topics or messages that you want to follow.

Subscribe to Discussion Forum and Topic

  1. On the Discussions List page, click on Subscribe from the context menu of the forum or topic to receive notifications of new messages.
  2. Select your Notification Method from the pop-up window.
  3. Click Subscribe.

Subscribe to Discussion Thread

  1. On the View Topics page, click Subscribe beside the thread you want to receive notifications for.
  2. Select your Notification Method.
  3. Click Subscribe.

Unsubscribe from notifications

  1. Click Unsubscribe from the context menu of the forum or topic you are subscribed to, or click Subscribed beside a thread, to stop receiving notifications.
  2. Click Yes to confirm.

Manage discussion subscriptions

You can manage subscriptions for forums, topics or messages and make changes to your subscriptions in the Subscriptions area of Discussions.

  1. Click on Collaborate and click on Discussions in the Site Navbar.
  2. Click Subscriptions .
  3. Select your required display option from the drop down box.
  4. You can:
    1. make changes to the Notification Frequency setting,
    2. unsubscribe from or subscribe to any forum, topic or message.

Flag messages

Flagging messages is a good way to mark a message if you want to read it again later or monitor replies.

  1. Go to the required Discussion thread.
  2. Select Flag Post from the context menu of the message to add a flag.

You can quickly find your flagged messages by selecting Flagged from the View Thread page.

Search for messages

To search for a message:

  1. Go to the required Discussion Topic.
  2. Click on the Topic you want to search.
  3. At the top left of the page, enter the terms you want to find in the Search field.
  4. Click the Search button.
    Note: To see all messages again, click Clear at the top of the view topic page.

Print messages

  1. To print, do one of the following:
    • Select Print Thread from the context menu of a thread to print a thread.
    • Select Print from the context menu of an individual message to print.
  2. In the Printable View pop-up window, click Print.
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