Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) helps to pay for important services such as counselling, welfare service, sporting and recreational activities, as well as independent student representation structures for all students.

Student consultation on SSAF expenditure

Each year, the University seeks feedback from students on how this fee is used.

SSAF rates for 2018

2018 SSAF for part time, full time, Campus and Cloud Campus students
Campus Study load Trimester/Semester 1 Fee Trimester/Semester 2 Fee Trimester 3 Fee
On Campus Full time (3 credit points or more) $145 $145 $0
On Campus Part time (1 - 2 credit points) $105 $105 $0
Cloud Campus*
$60 $60 $0

SSAF rates for 2019

Rates for 2019 are currently pending approval. These will be updated as soon as the rates are available.

Deferring payment (SA-HELP)

Eligible students who do not wish to pay the fee upfront to the University, can request assistance from the Commonwealth and defer the fee through an element of the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) known as SA-HELP.

Eligible students may choose to pay some of the fee upfront and obtain an SA-HELP loan for the remainder or obtain a loan for the full amount of the fee.

The amount of the loan will be added to the student's accumulated HELP debt. An eligible student will be able to take out an SA-HELP loan even if they do not wish to take out any other HELP loan.

For further information on SA-HELP eligibility and how to apply, visit our Government HELP Schemes website.

Cross Institutional Students

If you are undertaking cross institutional study, you may be charged SSAF by both providers. If you have already paid your SSAF at your home institution please provide proof of payment for the current study period so we can waive the Deakin SSAF.

As SA-HELP is linked to your course of study, you can only access SA-HELP at the provider where you are enrolled in your actual course of study (i.e. your home provider). Incoming cross institutional students are not eligible to defer a SSAF incurred at Deakin via SA-HELP.

Which students do not have to pay?

International students

International students, including Inbound Exchange students, are not charged the SSAF. Their tuition fees include a component for the provision of services required under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act, presently $22 per credit point.

Cross institutional students

If you are a cross institutional student and have paid SSAF at your home institution, You do not have to pay SSAF at Deakin, provided you supply us with documentary evidence of upfront payment or incurred SA-HELP debt from your home institution.

Higher Degree by Research students

Higher Degree by Research students are not charged the SSAF.

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