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How the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is used

All Australian universities can charge students an annual fee to raise money for student services and facilities.

This fee is called a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) and it can only be used for student services which are included in the Government's list. No student will be forced to join any student organisation and SSAF cannot be used to support a political party.  The site includes a comprehensive list of FAQs, detailing the purpose, benefits and restrictions applying to the way universities can use revenue generated from the fee.

Use of the fee for 2023

The University has found that the vibrancy of our campuses, range of services and activities available to students and the number of students accessing services and participating in events and activities has grown exponentially since this fee was introduced.

In late 2022 the University invited students to provide feedback on how the fee revenue should be spent in 2023.  Following this consultation approved expenditure for specific programs, services and infrastructure for 2023 is listed below, with many of the services and programs to be delivered by DUSA.

Approved SSAF expenditure for specific programs, services and infrastructure showing recipients of funds and the approved allocation.
Approved expenditure Recipient of funds Approved
  • Direct Advocacy and representation
  • Sports programs
  • Student Engagement
  • Student Media
  • Student Welfare
  • DUSA Digital Service Delivery
  • Legal Advisory Service
DUSA $4145k
After hours academic support Deakin $109k
Online success coaches - peer mentoring Deakin $200k
Graduate employment - career mentoring and paid short term roles Deakin $200k
Sport and recreation Deakin $460k
Disability Resource Centre Deakin $280k
Student health, wellbeing and support Deakin $632k
Mental health program and services Deakin $988k
Student communication and online channels Deakin $340k
Social and cultural engagement Deakin $330k
Respect and sexual harm prevention Deakin $317k
Safer Community service Deakin $381k
Flexible provision Deakin $151k
TOTAL  $8533k

SSAF Annual reports

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