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Commonwealth supported students

A Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) is a place at a university, available to domestic students, where the Government pays part of your fees.

Commonwealth supported students

In a CSP, the tuition fees for your course of study is split into two parts:

Subsidy amount - the Australian Government pays a share of the tuition fees directly to Deakin.

Student contribution amount - you pay your share of tuition fees. If eligible, you can use a HECS-HELP loan to pay your student contribution amount. Or you may choose to pay your fees up-front or use a combination of an up-front payment and HECS-HELP loan.

Tuition fees depend on the units you study and when you commenced your course. Your fees may vary each study period as your enrolled units change. You should view your invoice each study period to check your tuition fees and make sure your enrolment details are correct.

Eligibility conditions, including Australian citizenship, residency, Student Learning Entitlement, completion rates, study load and provision of a Unique Student Identifier (USI) apply. Being eligible for a CSP does not mean that you will be offered a CSP, not all courses have CSPs available. To find out what fees you owe and whether you are enrolled in a fee-paying place or CSP, check your course offer or view your invoice in StudentConnect.

For more information about CSP's please visit StudyAssist.

Student contributions

Overloading your course requirements

If you are enrolled in a CSP and planning to overload your course requirements by enrolling in additional units, please be aware these units cannot be undertaken in a CSP. Any additional units to your course requirements will need to be undertaken on a non-award basis and charged at full-fee rates. FEE-HELP will also not be available.

Before making any enrolment changes, please discuss your study plans and fee implications with a student adviser at Student Central.

SSAF and other fees and charges

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