How is the SSAF used

All Australian universities charge students an annual fee to raise money for student services and facilities. Deakin will charge the fee in 2015, and eligible students are able to defer the payment through the SA-HELP loan scheme, which is similar to HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP.

This fee can only be used for student services which are included in the Government's list. No student will be forced to join any student organisation and the legislation expressly prohibits fee revenue being used to support a political party. Details of the Government's legislation, can be found at the Australian Government website. The site includes a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers, detailing the purpose, benefits and restrictions applying to the way universities may use revenue generated from the fee.

For the current rates, visit the Student Services and Amenities Fee webpage.

Want to have a say in how the fee is used?

Prior to making a decision to how the fee will be used the following year, Deakin asks for feedback from all students on the priorities the University is proposing for use of the fee revenue.

Deakin has established a consultation process for seeking feedback from students each year on the use of the SSAF.

Use of the fee for 2014

The University has found that the vibrancy of our campuses, range of services and activities available to students and the number of students accessing services and participating in events and activities has grown exponentially since this fee was introduced.

In late 2013 the University invited students to provide feedback on how the fee revenue should be spent in 2014.  Following this consultation, approved expenditure for specific programs, services and infrastructure for 2014 is listed below, with many of the services and programs to be delivered by DUSA. See DUSA and SSAF 2014 (pdf, 2.3 MB) for detailed information.

Approved SSAF expenditure for specific programs, services and infrastructure showing recipients of funds and the approved allocation.
2014 approved expenditure Recipient of funds Approved allocation
Student Advocacy and Representation DUSA


Sporting programs including competitions, University Games and support for sporting clubs DUSA $500k
Sports Ambassadors (New DUSA program) DUSA $80k

Social Engagement including:

  • non-sporting clubs and societies
  • main orientation
  • events
  • volunteers
DUSA $1,250k
Orientation +4 (New DUSA program) DUSA $200k
Multicultural Deakin (New DUSA program) DUSA $150k
Student media DUSA $200k
Student welfare - general DUSA $350k
Student Survival Centre (New DUSA service) DUSA $100k
DUSA digital presence DUSA $80k
Student Legal Advisory and Referral Service DUSA $300k
University Sports and Recreation development University $160k
International student employment program University $140k
Student welfare – mental health services University $150k
Cultural engagement programs University $90k
Disability Liaison Officer University $70k

2013 Infrastructure relating to allowable uses. Approved projects  include:

  • Warrnambool Multi-Purpose Recreation Courts
  • Student Self Catering Facilities
  • Bicycle facilities including showers, change rooms and bike storage.


TOTAL   $6,609k
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