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Re-enrolment - frequently asked questions

Many of the answers to re-enrolment problems or questions can be found below. If you can't find an answer, please contact Customer Service.

If you see the below message on your StudentConnect:  

self serve error messageThere are a few possible explanations for this message. Please contact Customer Service so they can advise you.

Melbourne 03 9244 6333
Geelong 03 5227 2333
Warrnambool 03 5563 3333

You may have a few encumbrance (for outstanding fees) on your student record or if you are an international student, you may require a new Confirmation of Enrolment.

You might not be seeing a potential pop-up message from StudentConnect. Please ensure that pop-ups are turned on for your web browser.

You will find instructions on the website below:

If a pop-up is then displayed, it should be a rule breach. Rule breaches explain what the issue is with the units you have selected, and you may need to remove the unit from your list or select an alternative unit.

If you do have pop-ups turned on and it is still not allowing you to proceed to the next screen, we would recommend you note down the units you selected and then click the reset and clear selection button. This will delete all the units you added previously and allow you to start again.

Once you have added the units once again, if you are still unable to proceed to the receipt screen, please contact our Customer Service team for further assistance.

If you have checked your course outline and referred to the Handbook and are still not sure what units to select, we would recommend you contact your course adviser for guidance on unit selection.

Yes, you should still re-enrol for 2014, as you can apply for intermission up to the Trimester 1 Census date (31 March 2014). If you are thinking of taking an intermission, it is well worth consulting a course adviser on this as well.

You need to re-enrol by the deadline as requested to ensure you do not incur a late fee or lose your place in the course. Once you have re-enrolled, you will still have time to modify your Trimester 1 2014 enrolment, up to the week before Trimester 1 2014 begins.

You are required to enrol in both Trimester 1 and Trimester 2. Trimester 3 is not compulsory for most students.

You can enrol in Trimester 3 2014 from the 2 September 2013 onwards.

You must re-enrol within the given dates for re-enrolment, even while waiting for the outcome of your course transfer or other application. If you are approved for a course transfer, your enrolment will be altered as part of this process.

This can mean a variety of things.

Under normal circumstances it means you are not enrolled in the current Trimester. For students that have re-enrolled for 2014, once they receive their Trimester 2 2013 results, and if they are not enrolled into a unit for Trimester 3 2013, the course status will change to INACTIVE. It will then change back to ENROLLED on the 1 March 2014.

We send out re-enrolment notices to students identified as not completing in 2013. If you have received the notice and believe you are finishing your course in 2013, we would recommend that you 'View course progress' on StudentConnect. This will check your course progression (both current and projected) and identify any units you are yet to complete.

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