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This section contains obligations on managers in clinical disciplines in the Faculty of Health and managers responsible for laboratories.

Biosafety is the maintenance of safe conditions in biological research or other work involving living organisms, body tissue, blood or other bodily substance and includes safety from exposure to infection.

Biological research in laboratories

For information on safety in biological research go to the Office of Research Integrity website. The Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer, Denise Elson, may be contacted on extension 72705. The Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer consults with the Manager, OHS in the development of guidelines and other health and safety information.

The Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer and the Manager, OHS are both members of the University’s Laboratory and Biosafety Committee.

Safety from exposure to infectious agents other than in laboratories

Where a course involves students being placed in clinical settings and dealing with patients, the dean and heads of the relevant schools must, preferably in conjunction with the clinical placement provider:

  • devise and arrange to be delivered to students an induction course into infection control procedure
  • include in the course any requirements of the placement provider relating to infection control.

For staff involved in teaching or research off University premises, refer to the off-campus University activities section of this manual.

The Director, Division of Student Life is responsible for advising on and managing infection control procedures in regards to public health issues affecting the University. This includes acting as the University’s contact for notifiable diseases, assisting government health authorities in tracking contacts and public health emergencies such as pandemics.

Staff appointed as First Aiders must take care to avoid infection. Refer to section on First Aid.

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23rd June 2011