Bachelor of Information Technology (Web and Mobile Technologies)

Course summary for current students

Award granted Bachelor of Information Technology (Web and Mobile Technologies)
Duration3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Deakin course codeS339

Note: Offered to continuing students only.

Continuing students should contact their course advisor for further information.

Further course structure information can be found in the handbook archive.

Course sub-headings

Course overview

The Bachelor of Information Technology (Web and Mobile Technologies) has been developed in recognition of the need for a stronger emphasis on the distributed nature of information technology; new programming methodologies and paradigms; the need for providing information for all users; and the development of internet and mobile technologies. This course offers a modern and learning-oriented program in information technology, with a particular focus on the selected area of web and mobile technologies, particularly those associated with distributed systems and applications; computer networks; web applications and web services development; building mobile applications; IT, in particular web and mobile use in organisations and computer security.

Units in the course may include assessment hurdle requirements.

Equipment requirements

Students must have access to a suitable computer and a network connection. Information about the hardware and software requirements may be obtained from the School of Information Technology's website, or by telephone 03 9244 6699.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges vary depending on your course, your fee category and the year you started. To find out about the fees and charges that apply to you, visit

Course rules

To be awarded a Bachelor of Information Technology (Web and Mobile Technologies), a student must pass 24 credit points, which must include eight core units plus the eight stream core units. The remaining 8 credit points may be selected from units offered by any area of the University. Students should note that they must also comply with the following rules:

  • level 1 - up to 10 credit points
  • levels 2 and 3 - at least 14 credit points over both levels
  • level 3 - at least 6 credit points of which at least 4 must be in course-grouped units (SIT-coded units)

Course structure

Level 1
Trimester 1

SIT101Fundamentals of Information Technology

SIT102Introduction to Programming

SIT010Safety Induction Program *

Trimester 2

SIT103Database and Information Retrieval

SIT104Introduction to Web Development

SIT131Unit description is currently unavailable

Level 2

Trimester 1

SIT201 Unit no longer available, replaced by MSC228 Information Systems Analysis and Design

SIT211 Unit no longer available, replaced by MSC220 Small Business Systems

SIT222Operating Systems Concepts

Trimester 2
SIT202Computer Networks

SIT231Unit description is currently unavailable

SIT284IT Security Management

Level 3

Trimester 1
SIT301Unit description is currently unavailable

SIT322Distributed Systems

SIT313Mobile Computing

Trimester 2

SIT342Unit description is currently unavailable

*Note: SIT010 is a 0 credit safety induction unit.