Bachelor of Health Sciences

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Family, Society and Health


Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online) and students enrolled in H300DA and H300WE

Unit set code

MJ-H000002 - Major

MN-H000002 - Minor


This major focuses on the household and family as a setting for public health. It explores the issues facing households and families, such as the link between healthy human development and healthy households, economic wellbeing and health, and the need for supportive environments. It is ideal for students wishing to work in welfare, health promotion, or with organisations offering support services and resources for families.


HSH105Understanding Families and Health *

HBS108Health Information and Data

HSH206Human Development and Healthy Families *

HSH207Socio-Economic Status and Health *

HSH306People, Health and Place *

HSH313Contemporary Health Issues

*Units required for Minor sequence

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