Bachelor of Interactive Media

Course summary for current students


2015 course information

Award granted Bachelor of Interactive Media
Duration3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Deakin course codeA365
This course is offered to continuing students only.

Course sub-headings

Course overview

Deakin’s Bachelor of Interactive Media focuses on the convergence of the creative digital industries within a studio environment. Students from a wide range of disciplines learn to work together cooperatively and collaboratively, to produce digital culture artefacts and to develop skills and content within a simulated work environment.

The program is multidisciplinary, integrating digital media and IT offerings of the Faculty of Arts and Education and Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment. The program has at its core the Studio – a space where you can work in teams with other students on real world interactive multimedia projects like blogs, podcasts, games, motion graphics for installations and exhibitions.

The course aims to produce graduates who have a solid foundation in design, combined with technical skills in film, TV, video, special effects, animation and games design. You will be taught with the use of industry-preferred authoring tools so that you will be immediately employable upon graduation. There is a strong emphasis on project work that mimics the typical design studio, allowing you to develop project management skills that are essential in any design or multimedia studio.


You will have access to the latest motion capture technology at the Deakin Motion.Lab, Australia’s most technologically advanced motion capture facility.

Transition to University study
The faculty offers two units AIX160 Introduction to University Study and ALW117 Professional Writing for Work which are specifically designed to ease the transition into university study. New students are encouraged to enrol in one or both of these units in their first year.

Fees and charges

Unit fees can be viewed within individual unit descriptions. You can search for a unit using the Unit Search.

Please be aware:

  • Fees are calculated on a per unit basis
  • Fees charged will depend on the individual units chosen
  • Fees per unit/credit point may increase annually due to rises in the cost of course delivery and services

Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Interactive Media a student must complete 24 credit points of study including:

  • no more than 10 credit points at level 1
  • 16 credit points of compulsory core units
  • 8 credit points of elective units. Electives can be taken within a range of offerings from the Faculty of Arts and Education or from other Deakin programs
  • no more than 8 credit points taken outside the Faculty of Arts and Education

The core units are drawn from existing IT and Creative Art units as well as new units developed specifically for this degree. Central to the course are a suite of studio units at each level where groups of 4-5 students will work together in an exploration of ideas, knowledge and the processes, both individual and group, learning how to learn. Students will engage in a range of open-ended yet focused tasks, which may be set by the teacher, but more often determined by the group who will work collaboratively together to explore the possibilities. The expectation of a team response will encourage interdependent learning.

Course structure

Level 1

ACN101 Studio 1A**

ACN102 Studio 1B **

ACN107 Foundations of Design**

SIT161Principles of Interactive Media

SIT162Interactive Media Systems

2 Electives

Level 2

AMC1023D WORLD BUILDING (formerly ACM138)

SIT262 Authoring of Interactive Media**

AMC2043D Character Animation (formerly ACM240)

SIT263 Interface Design**

3 Electives

Level 3

ACC301 Freelancing in the Arts**

SIT362 Advances in Interactive Media**

3 Electives

** No longer available for enrolment, please contact Student Support for alternatives.

The following cognate areas are available as electives:


Creative Entrepreneurship

Cultures and Contexts




Graphic Design

Motion Capture


Visual Arts


AMC100Animation Narratives (formerly ACM132)

AMC1023D WORLD BUILDING (formerly ACM138)

AMC2043D Character Animation (formerly ACM240)

Creative Entrepreneurship

ACC301 Freelancing in the Arts (Final year of offer 2014)

ACC317Communication and Creative Arts Internship A

ACC318Communication and Creative Arts Internship B

Cultures and Contexts

AAM220Cinemas and Cultures

ACT102 Criticism, Narrative and Contexts (Final year of offer 2014)

ACT303 Art and the Politics of Censorship (Final year of offer 2014)


ACD101Introduction to Contemporary Dance Practice A

ACD102Introduction to Contemporary Dance Practice B

ACD110Dance Improvisation and Body Awareness

ACD203Contemporary Dance Practice and History A

ACD204Contemporary Dance Practice and History B


ACP177Genre and Performance

ACP280Major Performance Project: Page to Stage (2 credit points)

ACP323Out of the Box: Theatre in Alternative Contexts

ACP378Out of the Ether: Devised Theatre (2 credit points)


ACF103Writing with the Camera

ACF106Screen Practices

ACF104Moving Pictures: Screening Film History

ACF206Mindscreen: Cinema, Psychology and Psychoanalysis

ACF205Television Production

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Note: Students who commenced studies prior to 2011 may need to contact Student Services office for course advice. Burwood (Melbourne)   Tel 03 924 43843 or 03 924 43910

ACG101 Design Fundamentals (no longer available for enrolment)

ACG102Design and Typography

ACG103Design Skills

ACG204Design and Society

ACG207Professional Practice in Design

ACG208Branding Design

Motion Capture

AMC101Motion Capture Fundamentals

AMC202Animating Motion

AMC303Advanced Motion Capture


ACI101Still Images

ACI102Pixel to Print: Digital Imaging 1

ACI203Photographic Practice

ACI204Contemporary Photography

ACI303New Worlds: Intersections of Art and Science

ACI301Shifting Focus: Experimental Photography and Creative Practice

Visual Arts

ACV101Studio Art: Painting and Practice A

ACV102Studio Art: Painting and Practice B

ACV114Art and Technology

ACV203Visual Narrative Studio

ACV205Studio Art: Painting and Practice C

ACV206Studio Art: Painting and Practice D