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Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences/Bachelor of Commerce

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Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences/Bachelor of Commerce

CampusOffered at Burwood (Melbourne)
Cloud (online)No
Duration4 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Deakin course codeD301

Course sub-headings

Course overview

This comprehensive course provides you with knowledge and skills in food and nutrition sciences and complementary business knowledge and skills focusing on marketing or management. This degree is designed for employment in the health and food-related industries. Through completing this degree you will gain an understanding of food, food choice and its relationship to health, consumer perceptions, the role of nutrition in human health and disease prevention and business, economic and financial principles and concepts and analytical knowledge. You can choose to undertake a major in either management or marketing as part of this course. On successful completion of this degree you will be able to work in many areas that require knowledge of the food industry, food composition, and nutrition, as well as business-related skills. These areas may include jobs in research and development, product development, product management, consumer research and marketing and management roles in the food, nutrition and health industries. This degree can be completed in 4 years full-time or 3 years full-time if studies are undertaken in Trimester 3. Please contact a course adviser for further clarification via email

Professional recognition

Enrolled students and graduates can apply for membership of the Nutrition Society of Australian (NSA).

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Fees and charges

Unit fees can be viewed within individual unit descriptions. You can search for a unit using the Unit Search.
Please be aware:
•    Fees are calculated on a per unit basis
•    Fees charged will depend on the individual units chosen
•    Fees per unit/credit point may increase annually due to rises in the cost of course delivery and services

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Course rules

The course comprises 32 credit points. 16 credit points are Food and Nutrition Sciences units, and 16 credit points are Commerce units.


The 16 credit points studied within the Faculty of Business and Law must include the 10 Bachelor of Commerce core units: MAA103, MAE101, MAE102, MAF101, MLC101, MMM132, MIS101, MIS171, MMH299 and MMK277. In addition students must complete a prescribed Commerce major sequence (Management or Marketing) and a minimum of 4 credit points at level 3 which must be Faculty of Business and Law units course grouped to a Faulty of Business and Law undergraduate degree.

Students are required to complete HSN010 Food and Nutrition Laboratory Safety prior to their first laboratory based unit in this course.

Students must also complete MCA010 Communication for Academic Studies. This is a compulsory unit for all students commencing studies with the Faculty of Business and Law and will help students to get off to the best possible start in developing academic communication skills at Deakin.

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Major sequences

Refer to the details of each major sequence for availability.


Students are required to complete either the Management or Marketing major sequence as part of this degree.




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Course structure

Level 1
Trimester 1

HBS109 Human Structure and Function  

HSN101 Food: Nutrition, Culture and Innovation  

HSN103 Food: the Environment and Consumers  

HSN104 The Science of Food  


Trimester 2

HBS107 Understanding Health  

HSN106 Food Fundamentals  

MAA103 Accounting for Decision Making  

MAE101 Economic Principles  


Level 2
Trimester 1

HSN201 Principles of Nutrition  

MAE102 The Global Economy  

MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance  

SLE133 Chemistry in Our World  


Trimester 2

HSN202 Lifespan Nutrition  

HSN210 Nutrition and Food Promotion  

MMK277 Marketing Management  

MMM132 Management  


Level 3
Trimester 1

HSN209 Food Security and Safety  

MIS101 Business Information Systems  

MLC101 Business Law  

MMH299 Business Communication  


Trimester 2

HSN302 Population Nutrition  

HSN305 Assessing Food Intake and Activity  

MIS171 Business Analytics  

Plus one elective unit from the Marketing or Management major sequence


Level 4
Trimester 1

HSN301 Diet and Disease  

HSN309 Food Policy and Regulation  

HSN313 Sensory Evaluation of Foods  

Plus one elective unit from the Marketing or Management major sequence


Trimester 2

Three units from the Marketing major sequence OR three units from the Management major sequence


One Level 3 Business and Law elective unit


Please contact a course adviser for specific course planning advice via email


Business internship program
The Bachelor of Commerce incorporates a business internship program which provides students with a realistic business experience in their area of specialisation. Business internship units have been developed to provide experiential learning opportunities which foster the development of practical capabilities and enhance employment prospects for graduates. These units complement each major area of study and are available on all campuses and Cloud (online).

MIS390 Business Internship A  


It is highly recommended for students to undertake the MIS390 Business Internship A unit as part of their combined degree.


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8th June 2007