Graduate Diploma of Leadership

Course summary for current students

Year2015 course information
Award granted Graduate Diploma of Leadership

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Duration1 year full-time or part-time equivalent
Deakin course codeM638

This course is changing in Trimester 2 2015. 

Students commencing in Trimester 2 2015 please refer to the new M638 Graduate Diploma of Leadership course.

Course sub-headings

Course overview

The Graduate Diploma of Leadership is designed to create a deep understanding, at both tacit and explicit levels, of this important organisational role.  The course is largely experiential and is aimed at fostering cognitive and behavioural habits which lead to appropriate actions where innovation and influence are required.  Course content is underpinned with an exploration of current directions in thinking and research in this very dynamic field of research.

The course embraces a variety of approaches to teaching and learning ranging from didactic (l-Lectures, course notes, formal assessment, etc).) to experiential (intensive residential units) and includes study and reflection on personal challenges, for example, in an outdoor ‘adventure’ program in the Audacious Leadership unit.

Fees and charges

Unit fees can be viewed within individual unit descriptions. You can search for a unit using the Unit Search.

Please be aware:

  • Fees are calculated on a per unit basis
  • Fees charged will depend on the individual units chosen
  • Fees per unit/credit point may increase annually due to rises in the cost of course delivery and services

Detailed course rules

Course structure

Core Units

MPM773Contemporary Issues in Leadership

MPR771/MPM771Principles of Leadership *

MPM772An Act of Leadership

Elective units

Plus 5 credit points of units from:

MPA711Corporate Governance and Ethics

MPK701Research Design and Analysis

MPM778/MPT738Audacious Leadership #

MPK704Sustainable Environmental Marketing

MPM712Managing Innovation

MPR721/MPM721Organisational Behaviour *

MPM735/MPT735International Business Management (Tour) #

MPR779Leadership in the Real World *

MPR705Entrepreneurship (Residential) *

MPR707Change Management (Residential) *

MPT774The Leadership Retreat ^

Or any other unit approved by the Course Team Chair.

* MPR code denotes residential version of the unit. # MPT code denotes study tour version of the unit. 

^ This MPT coded unit will be held as an Intensive at the Deakin Management Centre, Geelong.

Please note: A number of units in this course require students to attend a designated physical site to complete intensive units.