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Media and Communication - unit set code MJ-AU00008

Media and communication is the world's fastest growing industry and is an area of rapid and continuous technological, political, economic, and social change. Much of the recent explosion in the stock of human knowledge is linked with developments in media and communication. Students will address issues and events in the industry at national and international level.

Core units

Level 1

Trimester 1

ALC101 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning (B, G, S, W, X)  ***

Trimester 2
ALC102 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of New Media (B, G, W, X)  

Select 6 credit points with at least 2 credit points at level 3 from the following:

Levels 2 and 3

Trimester 1
AAM219 Contemporary Australian Cinema (B, W)  ***

ALC208 Researching Media: Texts, Audiences and Industries (B, G, W, X)  

ALC209 Screening Contemporary Masculinities (B, X)  

ALR276 Ethical Communication and Citizenship (B, G, X)  

ASC246/ASC346 Sociology of the Media and Popular Culture (B, G, X)  

ALC313 Media and Communication Internship (B, G, W, X)  **

Trimester 2

AAM220 Cinemas and Cultures (B, X)  

ALC201 Exploring New Media: Users, Settings, Implications (B, X)  

ALC215 Globalisation and the Media (B, G, W, X)  

ALC314 Advertising: Designing Desires (ONLINE)  *

ALC320 Approaches to Media: Audiences and Effects (ONLINE)  *


Trimester 3

ALC383 Communicating the City: Understanding Global Media Industry Ecologies   


Note: The following unit may be taken in addition to the prescribed major sequence.

* ALC314, ALC320  offered in the wholly online teaching mode only. There will be no face to face teaching.
** ALC313 - also offered in Trimester 3. Internship units are normally undertaken in third level (or equivalent) and are subject to completion of specified prerequisite units and special application requirements. Interested students should contact Arts and Education Student Support and Enrolment Enquiries on their campus for further information.

*** ALC101, AAM219 also offered on campus at Burwood only in trimester 3

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