Bachelor of Education (Primary)

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Media and Communication

Burwood (Melbourne)

(offered to students commencing in 2007)

ALC101 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning (Final year of offer 2014)
ALC102 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of New Media (Final year of offer 2014)

Select 2 second level units from:

AAM220Cinemas and Cultures

ALC208Researching Media: Texts, Audiences and Industries

ALC209Screening Contemporary Masculinities

ALC215Globalisation and the Media

Select the third level unit:

ASC346Sociology of the Media and Popular Culture

Select 1 third level unit from:

ALC314Advertising: Designing Desires

ALC320Approaches to Media: Audiences and Effects

(i) ALC314, ALC320 are cloud (online) mode units.

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