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AIF315 - Indonesian/Malay Language and Contemporary Society

Unit details

Year2016 unit information
Enrolment modes:

Trimester 3 In-Country Language Program

Credit point(s):2
EFTSL value:0.25
Unit chair:

Ismet Fanany


AIF342 or AIF351 and have permission from the unit chair



Incompatible with: AIF246
Contact hours:

In-Country Language Program: The program will be a total of 4 hours per day for 6 weeks.


The in country immersion setting provides an outstanding opportunity for students to experience and interact with contemporary Indonesian/Malay society. This unit will explore the contemporary and popular culture of Indonesia and/or the Malay world. Key features of contemporary culture will be identified and their meanings and significance to Indonesians and/or Malays will be explored. Areas of study may include popular literature, movies and television, music and songs, youth culture, and fashion. Students will be provided with key readings on various aspects of the Indonesian and/or Malay contemporary culture. Current media sources and opportunities to experience and participate in social and cultural activities will provide additional learning opportunities. Students will be set assignments that involve interaction with the local community that relate to contemporary and popular culture. Findings will be discussed orally and in writing.


Class participation and preparation 20%

Four quizzes 20%

Oral presentation 20%

Written reports 20%

Final oral examination 20%

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