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MMM102 - Global Mindset

Unit details

Year2017 unit information
Enrolment modes:
EFTSL value:0.125
Previously coded as:Nil
Unit chair:

A Presbitero





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Contact hours:

Campus: 1 x 2 hour class and 1 x 1 hour online seminar per week, 1 x 1 hour seminar per fortnight

Cloud (Online): Learning experiences are via CloudDeakin


The main aim of this unit is to improve students’ awareness and appreciation of the complexity of conducting business in an increasingly multicultural and interconnected world. The unit focuses on developing the attitudinal, relational and intellectual skills necessary to understand the social, cultural, political and economic environmental landscape for businesses. The unit takes a particular focus on increasing students’ ability to gain a better appreciation of foreign cultures, customs, traditions as well as knowledge of global competition and international practices.


Assessment 1 (group of 3-4 students) - Case analysis (3000 words) - 25%

Assessment 2 (group of 3-4 students) - Research-based group project - Country Report (3000 words) - 25%

Examination 2 hours - 50%

Unit Fee Information

Unit fee information available soon

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