Global Science and Technology Program

Explore the world while you study

Paul Erskine‘This journey has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience; it was exciting, challenging, confronting, but most of all, very rewarding.

‘As a result of travelling and gaining knowledge and experience, I have developed my skills in networking and of an interpersonal nature. Without a doubt my journey was a life changing experience!’
- Paul Erskine, Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Science

Jesse Delmo‘Throwing yourself into a foreign language and country at first is mind-boggling and unthinkable, but the feeling of freedom and power brought about by only you and your own actions is remarkable.’
- Jesse Delmo, Bachelor of Design (Architecture)/ Bachelor of Construction Management

As you can see from these quotes from Deakin students, studying overseas can be a life-changing experience. In 2013, the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment is introducing a new program designed to help students realise their dreams of international study.

The Global Science and Technology Program aims to recognise, reward and support high achieving students who would like to conduct part of their studies overseas to help them develop new skills and a broader world view. Successful applicants will be offered a $3000 scholarship to assist with travel costs and will be required to participate in the Deakin Global Citizenship Program.

Expand your horizons and your skills

The program can help participants develop the skills to be successful in an increasingly global society. Benefits for participants could include:

  • Personal development
    • Gain independence, self-confidence and self-awareness, and an appreciation of other cultures
    • Develop skills and capabilities, and a network of international colleagues and friends
  • Academic development
    • Develop the ability to meet challenges, problem solve and work with staff and students from diverse backgrounds
    • Develop knowledge of global and cultural issues, and develop context around your chosen field of study
  • Career development
    • Gain cultural understanding and skills that can contribute to your employability
    • Build initiative, confidence and adaptability
    • Build ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
    • Develop awareness of cultural diversity and global issues relating to your vocation.

Where Deakin Science and Technology students have gone overseas to study...

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How the program works

Participants in the program will:

  • be enrolled in an undergraduate degree within the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment (refer to list of courses below)
  • undertake one or two trimesters of study at a foreign institution(through exchange or study abroad)
  • be awarded a travel scholarship to the value of $3,000. (This scholarship is a contribution to assist students to complete the overseas component of their study. The scholarship will only be provided once travel arrangements have been organised and the course of study is approved by the Faculty and Deakin International.)
  • be required to complete Deakin University’s Global Citizenship Program. (This could be achieved by a trimester overseas (60 points), a 2 week International internship (20 points), a 2 week study tour (20 points), or participation in the Peer advisors program (15 points)).

Entry Requirements / Selection Criteria

The program requires applicants to have a minimum ATAR of 80.00 (or equivalent). Applicants must also meet the published prerequisites for their specific course preference within the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment.

How to apply

Applying for the Global Science and Technology Program is a two-staged process. Applicants must first apply for the program through VTAC and then also submit a supplementary information form to Deakin’s Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment.

Step 1:

VTAC application: Include the Global Science and Technology Program VTAC code [1400116141] in your list of course preferences (this can also be done during the change of preference period).

Applicants can select any one of the undergraduate courses offered by the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment through a single VTAC preference for the Global Science and Technology Program (VTAC Code 1400116141). Refer to the specific course entries in the VTAC Guide of the Deakin University Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Information Technology, Architecture, and Construction Management courses listed below.

You will need to have the Global Science and Technology Program as your highest science-based preference at Deakin in your VTAC application. It is also recommended applicants also apply separately to their Deakin science-based course as a lower preference.

Step 2:

Supplementary Information Form: Complete and return the GSTP Supplementary Information Form to the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment. Please note that you should receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours.

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Want to know more?

For more information about the Global Science and Technology Program contact:

Mrs Yvonne Berry, Administrative Officer,
Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment
03 5227 2134


If I get accepted into the program, what happens if my circumstances change and I can no longer go on an exchange overseas?

As you will be enrolled into one of our undergraduate courses, you will still be able to continue your studies in the course. Note, however, that the travel scholarship is linked directly with the overseas study, hence it would not be granted in this instance.

Are there other options to undertake part of my studies overseas if I do not get accepted into this program, or do not achieve an ATAR over 80?

Yes. While the overseas study period is a requirement for students completing this program, international exchange and/or study abroad programs are open to students who are not part of this program.

When on exchange will I need to pay fees at both Deakin and my global university?

No. As an Exchange student, you remain a Deakin student while you are away. You are still enrolled at Deakin and you continue paying your fees to Deakin rather than to your host university. This means studying overseas is affordable to Exchange students, as international fees at overseas universities can be very expensive.


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