Rights and responsibilities

When you enrol at Deakin, you agree through your Terms and Conditions of Enrolment to comply with the University's legislation, policies and procedures. This page explains the most important.

Deakin provides access to all our legislation, policies and procedures through an online resource, The Guide.

Academic integrity and personal conduct

The Student Code of Conduct sets out what is expected of you while you are a Deakin student, both in terms of your academic work and the way you treat other people and their property. A different Code of Conduct applies to Deakin staff.

It is very important that you understand the Student Code of Conduct, because the penalties for misconduct can be very serious, including suspension or exclusion from the University. Misconduct includes academic misconduct, such as submitting work for assessment that is not your own, and general misconduct, such as abusing another student or staff member.

Your teaching staff will explain how to use and acknowledge other people's work properly and you should make sure that you understand the Plagiarism and Collusion in Assessment procedure.

Equity and diversity

Deakin has a longstanding commitment to valuing diversity, enabling access and promoting inclusion. All students and staff have the right to work and study in an environment that is supportive, inclusive, fair and safe. The University does not tolerate bullying (including cyber-bullying), discrimination, sexual and other types of harassment, victimisation, or other inappropriate, unwelcome or illegal behaviour. For more information or help, contact a Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officer or Equity and Diversity.

Deakin's Disability Resource Centre (DRC) promotes inclusion and access, and provides information and services for students with a disability, health or mental health condition that affects their study or participation in university life.

Wellbeing, safety and security

Deakin offers a range of services to help you to complete your studies successfully and to stay healthy and safe. See Study support and Health, safety and wellbeing.

Security officers are on duty on each campus at all times to protect Deakin students, staff and visitors and University property and facilities. On request (and subject to availability), they will accompany students around the campus. You are advised not to walk around the campus alone at night. The Security officers can also provide first aid assistance. Call Security on 1800 062 579

Safer Community is the central point of enquiry for information and support in managing behaviours that have caused or could cause offence, fear or trauma.

Admission, enrolment and fees

Students are responsible for

  • planning their enrolment to meet their course rules, as set out in the Handbook, within the maximum period of study and taking into account any credit they are granted for prior learning
  • enrolling/re-enrolling and paying their fees in accordance with Deakin's procedures  and deadlines
  • keeping their enrolment and personal details up to date
  • checking and responding to Deakin mail and email regularly.

Assessment and academic progress

The Handbook explains what you need to do to meet your overall course requirements and achieve the Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes, and summarises the assessment for each unit. More detail about assessment is provided in your unit guides and there is some general information on the Assessment webpage.

All assessment at Deakin must comply with the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) policy and Assessment (Higher Education Courses) procedure.

Deakin's academic progress process enables the University to provide targeted advice, referral or assistance to students who are having difficulties completing their unit or course requirements. The Academic Progress webpage provides further information and explains satisfactory and unsatisfactory academic progress.

Appeals and complaints

Students have the right to appeal certain academic progress decisions, to express legitimate concerns and complaints, and to have them considered through fair and transparent processes. The Academic progress webpage provides further information about the University's academic appeals process and the Student concerns and complaints webpage provides information about how to raise your concerns or to lodge a formal complaint.

Information technology

To study at Deakin, you need to meet Deakin's computing, connectivity and capability requirements.

Anyone using Deakin information and communication facilities, services and materials must ensure that their use complies with all relevant legislation, policies and procedures, including the Schedule A:Conditions of Information Technology use and the Information and Communications Technology Use Policy.

Information Privacy

The Information Privacy website outlines why Deakin collects and uses your personal information and also how you can access the information the University holds about you.

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